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If LighterLife asked your opinion...


Is back in the saddle!
...what do you think you would add/change?

I'd definitely like a couple more savoury flavours.

It would be good if there was a bit more to chew in them too. I get quite excited when I find a bigish bit in the Thai Chili!!

I’d wish the chocolate actually had more substance and went thick and wasn’t so powdery in flavour too.

Anyone else have thoughts on any ways they could improve our 100 days??
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breakfast type cereals - although there is porridge on the way
improved chocolate shake
improved tomato soup

otherwise i quite like the shakes/bars/soups
daisy x


Making it all add up
Yup, improve the tomato (although I understand that it is already 'improved' - still inedible)

Also other options rather than just soup/shakes would be good.

Maybe more bar flavours - I can't stand any of the 'original' bars, but love the peanut & cranberry


LighterLife Returner
I would just ask that they make the chocolate and rasberry powder as good as the vanilla and banana powder . The Vanilla and banana mix really well, and become 'mousse' really nicely!

I wouldn't mind ready-made shakes as well, for convenience.

Apart from that, I'm happy with the flavours. I'm kinda glad that there is limited variety...


LighterLife Returner
Oh, and the new and improved books they now have are tons better than the ones I got - much more room to do the written exercises, and just easier on the eyes. I would have asked they update the books - but they already have! good on them!
oh i agree, ready made shakes would be useful for occasional use - like the slimfast ones - i have had a couple of 'accidents' in the car, and when i have been away on a conference or something, mixing the shake is a bit 'obvious', whereas a ready made one would have been great!
daisy x
I would second that and say add more packs and bars, it is possible there are plenty of VLCD diest out there with so much more variety. But of course they will need to invest in this research and develope thier own flavours..... I doubt they will do anything about it in a hurry
It'd be good if they made the shakes a LOT thicker i.e. so you need more water to mix them with, as a few hundred ml's of water only makes about 3/4 of a pint of shake..... the main reason I double-up in the evening is to get a good long drink out of it! :p
Yeah thicker shakes, they are far too thin and don't last long enough x


Is back in the saddle!
I must admit I put 500ml in my evening soup to make it more of a meal but I sacrifice a bit of the texture/flavour.

Agreed Daisy, a breakfast would be great too, I know the porridge is on the way, but when!!! That would make three meals and a dessert which is much more 'normal'.
I don't know huseyin I find most of it really nice, I think if there were more 'foody' type things I'd find it harder?



Is back in the saddle!
It would still be within the bounds of what you are permitted. No food just 4 packs with Lighter Life on it.

If you look at the flavours on the packs now and related them to what that is in real food, I don't think they’d bare too much resemblance. :8855::8855:Do you honestly in your mind think yummm real vegetables and bananas??? I just think another diet pack with a flavour called.... :D
I would just want more flavours of everything, and nicer soups. All the soups are minging apart from veg. I accidentally had a chicken today and only downed it because of lots of tabasco & a sweetener!
Also no aspartame in their shakes, but that's just me.
I'm pretty happy with the shakes/soups, even though I tend to have the same veg soup and mostly vanilla shakes. I also just have the cranberry bars now, but at one time it was just the peanut. I can't stand the chocolate, chicken, raspberry, and not keen at all on the other soups apart from veg. I admit that I am looking forward to tasting the porridge, but I really don't want more variety or more flavours because I see this as a way to sustain myself, rather than enjoying food. I think the less like food the better really! Just that I want to take myself completely away from eating crisps or muffins, however unlike the real thing they are! I've never made anything with my shakes or soups, but I'm just seeing them as a means to an end. I've learnt loads about myself though, that I really can get through all sorts of emotions without stuffing them all back down with food, so that's great.

Thing I would change is to make the water flavourings and savoury drinks cheaper (or even better, free!), as part of the programme! Also would ask them to add something to the shakes and soups to prevent the dreaded blocked pipes that I've been suffering from since week 10!! :)
I would ask them for more flavours too!
Like you Poppysparkle I tend to stick to the veg soup, banana, strawberry and chocolate shakes with an odd peanut or cranberry bar.
I think my group are fed up of me 'going on' about the porridge! I can't wait to try it.

I also agree that the water flavourings are very expensive and I'm sure if they lowered the price they would sell more.

Overall though I'm very happy with LL and it has worked wonders for me.
Maybe more soups, lentil would be good, or French onion. I don't think there should be more types - I don't think I'd learn anything from LL muffins or biscuits! Surely the point is it isn't food, it's a means of getting the basic nutrition to enable us to do LL.
Absolutely, I agree with you there SIIM. I wouldn't want any other types of food on the menu. I would just want more like what CDers get in terms of choice. And better soups. Lentil, & french onion, Yum!

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