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If you stop for a w/e how easy is it to regain ketosis ?


Eloquent hooligan
I dunno whether to pleased or annoyed lol

Got a female friend announcing she'd like to come down & visit for the bank holiday w/e (2 weeks today)... ostensibly for a drunken shagging weekend... :D

Love her to bits but I'm so focused on LT... if I have a w/e off will it take the full week again to start Ketosis ?

Not fussed as I'm in for the LT programme for at least 3 months but was watching the LT vid & it mentioned the importance of the refeeding week if you come off to avoid over-storing glycogen..

I won't be hitting the **** food but it'd be rude not to get drunk... unless I stick to the pills & coke :rolleyes:
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your safer hitting the food than the pop mate you WILLbe seriously ill just do her withouth the drink she cant be that bad lol


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Noooooooooooooooooooo dont do it! Drinking in ketosis is very dangerous and yeah refeed is important hun xx


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Tut men!! x
your safer hitting the food than the pop mate you WILLbe seriously ill just do her withouth the drink she cant be that bad lol
You sweet talking devil you ;)


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Just ask Tracy J how she felt when she went out on the town; she was as sick as anything and it took her ages to feel better. Drinking when in ketosis is very dangerous and just isn't worth it. As for getting back into ketosis, it will take you just as long as the first time round. Take care x
its men talking, you women are worse lol x
OH gaz! lol i was thinking of doing the same as im going on a party camping weekend same time although ive not quite made my mind up yet i was told by the chemist to have a low fat tea on the wed, stick to shakes breki and lunch then on the thursday only have shake for breki, food for lunch and tea then il be ok to eat and drink within moderation till the tuesday, hope that helps


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In what way?? i dont need alcohol to have a good time;) x
you dont need it to have a bad time niether lol


Eloquent hooligan
Cheers for feedback... Booze is a no-go then - boooo ! Anyone know the effects of Ketosis & cocaine / ecstasy ? PM me if shy ;)

j/k I'll try & be a good boy... :)


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Lol mad head! xx


Eloquent hooligan
Not too good I hope, you don't want to let the lady down ;):D
Never fear ;) I have a ten inch tongue & can breath through my ears :D


Says it as it is!!!
Gaz i think howdy doody is trying to take the filth title lol
Oh gosh I just realised only 1st 2lb to first target weeeeeeeeeeeee :) will take me forever though on maintenance awwww well!!


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And heres me thinking this forum is about Lipotrim...i think i was misled somewhere, lol
He is a good student but as a lot to learn, but I do need someone to take my place when im gone.:cool:

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