I'll get me coat!


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Well just 7 hours till I head off on my cruise! Very excited although a bit dubious about leaving the kids. Still, must be sensible, they are all going to look after each other and Ken and I need this holiday in a big way.;)
I have not lost the 2-3 stone I would have liked to lose but I have lost 17lbs and that is very much better than nothing! I shudder to think what damage the cruise will do weight wise but I will try to make sensible choices and will swim everyday.:cool:
I hope everyone has a good week whilst i am away and I wish all my fellow miniminers a healthy and happy week. Take care, with much love

Barb:D :D :D :D
Have a lovely time. Look forward to hearing about it on your return.

Dizzy x
Have a truly WONDERFUL time Barb. You deserve this time away ... don't panic too much over any potential weight gain: you don't get to go on a cruise every day and can put things right when you return!

Enjoy!! :D

Hope you have a wonderful wonderful time!! :D
And try not to worry about the kids (easier said than done). ((hugs))
Well done on the weight loss! still a great amount! ;)
Ohhh! Have a wonderful time Barb!!
Have a really lovely holiday - lucky you! Couldn't smuggle a few of us in your case could you???!!!

Enjoy and tell us all about it when you get back
Have a brill time Barb!
Hi Barb

I have seen this too late probably but have a fantastic time, I am so jealous, I love cruising!

Enjoy :eek:)
Yep. I too picked this up too late to wish you a happy trip.

So I will say, I hope you enjoyed it instead.

Best Wishes