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"I'll give you a week" GRRR! I'll prove you wrong


Addicted to Cheese
Back to work and was explaining that this morning while eating breaky I put lamb meatballs in the slow cooker with some tommy sauce (took less than 5 minutes!) as I posted the other day, I'm now driving an hour every morning then an hour every night and then teaching all day!! So when I come home I want food there and then, its ready!

Well my lovely work collegues who dont really know me actually used the phrase "I'll give you a week" I felt like saying just because I'm trying doesnt meant I need to be put down thank you! Then lady next to me replied "As much as that!" Grrr was fuming!

They dont know yet that im following slimming world, I'm now scared to mention it! There is a running joke in the deparment about who ever is on a diet, trying to feed them cake but I hope they dont. It has made me even MORE determined to succeed to show them that it is possible to stick at something, being organised and spending 5 mins in morning rather than half an hour (which turns into an hour) at night when tired seems sensible to me! I got told why bother cooking when there is kfc, maccy d's, chinese etc etc and I was sat there going cause it cost a fortune lol

Had to let that outa my system. Good luck to everyone with weigh-ins today and I'm joining back up again tomorrow officially!!
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I hate people like that when you are trying to lose weight. My work place is a nightmare. Most of the other staff are always moaning they are overweight yet do nothing about it.
At least I am doing something about mine. But yes they constantly try to make me eat cookies or cake etc. They can all get lost lol xxx
Might be best to develop a 'dislike' for sweet foods at work if they're going to try that hard to sabbotage your efforts!

Gawd - makes me pleased (yet again) that I'm now supply and don't have regular colleagues / staffroom nonsence to deal with!!

You show 'em!!


sweet pink

is losing for shoes
Tell them nothing & let the results speak for themselves. Bet it wont be long until someone asks how youre doing it :D


Addicted to Cheese
Thanks ladies, I really just needed to moan! lol I took my diary to lunch one day wrote 5 words in it and got told "you wont be doing that much longer"!! I'm sure the longer I stay the more I will get used to them, and I'm definately not telling them about the SW now. Otherwise I'll have to start taking in cakes and make them eat them :p
They are just jealous! Maybe they are just painting everyone else with their own diet failures. Why bother cooking when there is chinese take aways and KFC on our door steps?? Erm, because it's unhealthy and we're not supposed to survive on a diet like that.. have they ever heard if 5 a day?

Stick to your diet lovely and still have your treats, like slimming world allows, lose weight in the process and show them that it can be done.

Hayley xxx
I think people often feel better about their own failures if they think everyone else has failed at the same thing, and they deliberately try and undermine other people's efforts just incase they do better than them. So making comments like they have just makes themselves feel better about not suceeding themself.

Use that feeling of 'I'll show you' whenever they're trying to push cake under your nose!!


Now to maintain.....
just think how proud of yourself you'll be when you prove them wrong!!!!
no doubt they will then be asking you for tips.....which is when you reply...naaaaa you wouldnt last a week!!!


Addicted to Cheese
just think how proud of yourself you'll be when you prove them wrong!!!!
no doubt they will then be asking you for tips.....which is when you reply...naaaaa you wouldnt last a week!!!

Haha!! This would make me laugh, two of the men in the dept are having competitions on their weight although i know for a fact that people in the dept are trying so well see who succeeds. The person who said all this to me also says she wants to start running!! Maybe ill ask her every week and see how shes getting on?! Can not do running... so boring!
Sod the lot of them!!!! Dont tell them anything and dont mention loosing weight ... watch their faces when they start noticing you loosing weight!!


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you go show em girl, what a nasty bunch;)
People can be so horrible sometimes!! Remember that the people that care about you will support you and stuff everyone else!

Good luck on your weight loss journey x


I was on Cambridge many moons ago at my old work and one of the girls, and everyone knew I was on it, threw chips at me one day because I wouldnt take one off her.

Then someone else who hadnt seen me for 2 months or so said "You've lost weight! Lookig good" I'd lost 35lbs. I said thanks and got told "alright chubby get back to work"

Seriously people are complete idiots when someone else is on a diet. The supportive ones are few and far between.

Ignore them, you can be thin/slim, they'll always be muppets.


Slimming World
Grrr! Can't believe them! Ignore them and don't tell them anything!

As a fellow teacher i know dieting at school can be a nightmare, there's always cake and biscuits around and people trying to feed you snacks.

Pretty surprised that the educators of the next generation who are supposedly meant to be setting an example to kids are saying stuff like what's that point in cooking when you have kfc though?!?
Cheeky wotsits!!!!!!
Must admit my workmates hate it when i say no to chocolates etc. Too.
Just jealous I reckon as they can't be bothered losing weight and I can.
Don't let them bully you as that's what it is really.
Lose the weight then make them jealous!!!!!!
ah kirsty, what a complete bunch of nobs!

Dont ever forget that you were in the final 6 of young slimmer of the year 09 with me, and your a massive inspiration.. even more so cos your not afriad to admit life got in the way and now your working your way back to were you much prefer to be!! im proud of you.. you enjoy your meatballs after your long drive home. They can shuv thier nasty comments and takeaways up thier arses!

lovelove x

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