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I'm a newbie. Day 1 of lipotrim

S: 102kg C: 83kg G: 65kg BMI: 28.7 Loss: 19kg(18.63%)
Hey Mollo,

I am currently on lipotrim and I'm about 3 weeks in.

I've found it very hard but doable. The shakes make it easy for you to make your mind up what to have for tea, but it can be a bit sad when visiting a shop and remembering the only thing you could buy is a water or a coffee.

I have found not having physical food hard too which I thought I would be ok with haha.

If you have any questions, I am happy to reply.
Hi there ,

Wow that's amazing three weeks in for you. Have you notice a big difference and lost weight ?. I'm on day 3 so far so good with it. Well to be honest I did have a coke zero this eveing just craved it from all the litres of water im going through Getting used of the shakes now. Even thou chocolate isn't the nicest but like you said their doable. Was extremely tired and drained today. I'm avoiding the shop normally I would pop in to my local every day for a few bits. It's slightly hard when youv to make excuses to turn down lunch dates and a night out but I wanna do this for myself and all that can wait. The weekend will be a challenge now but hope Il get thru it. Thanks for taking the time out to write to me.
S: 102kg C: 83kg G: 65kg BMI: 28.7 Loss: 19kg(18.63%)

Yeah the weight loss has been fast. I lost about 6lb each week so I'm guessing I'll lose a stone by the end of this week.
I believe that I have to stop this week because my bmi score will be under 27 (they don't allow you to carry on after this point).

You are doing well being on day 3. I found that I had the light headedness and crap feeling for about a week. I would be careful with coke zero and try not to drink too much because of the artificial sweeteners but if you have cut down your consumption you should be proud! Coke and sugar is a hard thing to quit haha.

I know what you mean about social events. I went to a friend's birthday the other day and stuck to a single rum and diet coke and a jagermister then water for the night.i got some funny comments but you just have to stick to your guns and remember what your doing it for. I felt like I compromised enough by having a drink :p reaching out is no problem, I found that the forum isn't very active with lipotrim users. I think your the second I've come across
Morning !!

Wow that's an amazing weight loss congrats for getting that far. Iv seen loads of positive reviews and weightloss with lipotrim. Day 4 and feeling ok this morning so hopefully it gets easier day by day. I know I slipped up having a coke zero I suppose I just craved the one but back to exciting water again !!

Yes for the moment I'm just gonna turn down little outings easier for me then fall of the wagon so soon. Even had my namwe birthday this wknd and had to make an excuse I felt so bad thou but she was fine. I Havint told anyone I'm doing this diet so I guess it's just hibernating for me and try to get on with things

I have a family wedding in five weeks my brother and I hope il have kids some weight by then. Also it will be a tough one because its gonna be a big celebration for the whloe weekend friday/saturday but il worry about that when the time comes.

I see the word Ketosis come up an awful lot. When do you get in to that stage and is it easy to lose it if you slip up

Hope all is good
S: 102kg C: 83kg G: 65kg BMI: 28.7 Loss: 19kg(18.63%)
The wedding sounds good. Is that your weight loss goal or are you carrying on after That? You should easily lose over a stone before then.

You could look online for keto friendly alcohol. None of them are but I think the best is gin, rum, vodka. It's the mixes that you put in them that will be the issue. Using soda water were you can will help keep the sugar and carbs down.

Yeah ketosis is a mode your body goes into when it's ran out of glycogen (primary source is carbs and sugar). When you are in ketosis your fat cells are able to release the stored up fat for your body to use.

Getting into ketosis is easy. You stop eating carbs and or go on a fast. The issue is that in the beginning your body won't be "keto adapted" so when you eat carbs you break the ketosis and have to go though the keto flu again. To get keto adapted you have to be in ketosis for at lest a month.

The take away is avoid carbs if your cheating. Most advice online says a plain chicken breast is best. But when you eat food you reduce the amount of weight you can lose because you are getting calories from food and not your body fat.

I'm switching to the keto diet next week when I finish lipotrim mainly because I've gone through the ball ache of getting into ketosis :)
Yea looking forward to the wedding second family one of this year I know it will be a wild one but gonna try my best to deal with it. No I'm gonna continue with lipotrim if struggled with been over weight all my life and to say the least I'm not the girl I want to be and it gets you down 24/7. So I'm gonna give this all I can. .my goal is to lose a few stone over next few months and then take the plunge to step inside a gym.

I have been reading up loads about lipotrim and ketosis and everything that comes with it so it's good to have some bit of knowledge. I taught they would be alot more people and forums to do with the lipotrim diet.

Thanks for replying it's nice to have a little support on here. I'm in to my 5th day now and so far all is ok, I'm just telling myself two more days and you will have reached a full week which is a massive achievment determined to keep going
S: 102kg C: 83kg G: 65kg BMI: 28.7 Loss: 19kg(18.63%)
Hey how is it going? Have you seen much of a change?

I would of thought more people would be doing this diet. I'm guessing it's past it's popular phase, I've seen post back to 2008 so think it's fairly old. I've never heard of it in till recently tho.
Hi hun I'm doing good thanks.

Made it thru the weekend and my first week down on lipotrim. New week now ahead. Yes I have noticed a difference I'm putting off weighing myself for another bit thou. The odd day of craving food and just been drained. Drinking loads of water keeps you full. Early nights for me the way to go. Was asked out for lunch yesterday and making an excuse to a friend is hard to do but when you come this far just want to keep going.
I know I taught they would be a very big group of people on the lipotrim but I guess that's so many diets to choose from.

I knew about lipotrim a few years alright I had friends doing the diet they lost loads of weight over the few months but piled it back on again. That's the only thing when you lose weight it's prob harder to keep it off.

Hope your well and had a good weekend !!
S: 102kg C: 83kg G: 65kg BMI: 28.7 Loss: 19kg(18.63%)
Hey sorry it's been a while between getting back to you.

Do you not have to have the weight in sessions? Its part of the fun seeing the scales go down haha.

How did your friends cope being on it for months? I was struggling after 3 weeks :)

I've been off it a week now and trying to make all the right choices. I was out last night, I caved and got myself a mojito not to feel left out. Going to weigh myself tomorrow and hope I'm not higher then when I stopped lipotrim.

The weight loss was rapid tho. I started at 83kg and dropped to 74kg after the third week. It's crap that I couldn't carry on with it because I feel like I've still got a bit to lose.
Hi hun

How's everything these days ?

Jumped on the scales down 8lbs which was great motivation to keep going when you see that. I'm in to my third week now.

I had a cheat last week thou went for lunch with a friend , I felt bad making excuse on her all the time but then I was disgusted with myself that I ate I didn't even enjoy it to say the least. Had my slip up but back in to it again.

Yea I admired my friends when they were on it but like that all the weight was put back on over time. It's tough going when you put urself thru it a s to stick to it

I do miss regural meals but used of the shakes and all the litres of water. Will be keeping it up anyway. It's nice to see the weight going down and getting some body shape.

Taking it day by day anyway. Il keep going sometimes you just have to make a sacrifice and do this for yourself.

Hope your well
S: 102kg C: 83kg G: 65kg BMI: 28.7 Loss: 19kg(18.63%)
Hi everything is ok with me . I've been off the lipotrim for a while and still losing :) however it's not conning off as quick.

It is hard and complex spiral of emotions with cheating. If you felt it was worth it just draw a line under it and steam on. But if you are still feeling bad just use the feeling to strengthen the reason not cheat the next time you want to.

Keep going you can do it :)

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