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I'm a Newbie too - help would be greatly appreciated!


needs to get out more!
Hello Everyone!

I am starting Slimfast properly tomorrow (to be honest - started it 2 weeks ago but been really really bad in evenings so not lost any weight).

I am moving abroad in 3 weeks and I dont want to be the new fat person (and its just dawned on me today how close we are to moving and how big I am!!)

How much weight can I loose in 3 weeks if I stick to having 2 shakes and a sensible meal in evenings AND if I walk / run for at least 30 minutes every day? I currently weigh 14 stone 6lbs (have lost 4lbs since May). Will it be possible to loose 1 stone / more??

AND does the drinking water speed up the weight loss or does it just fill you up? Thanks for your help!!
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Hi Spod,
A stone in 3 weeks is perhaps a bit ambitious but possibly achievable. You would need a large loss in your first week. With exercise you should be able to average at 1-3lbs a week but the more exercise you do the more you can lose.

Drinking water does help with any hunger pangs. It also helps with increasing your metabolism of fat which is a function of your liver. If you don't drink enough water, your kidneys can't work properly so your liver helps it out. Your kidneys can only work well with plenty of water. So if you drink enough water it will help with weight loss by increasing your metabolism.

Hope that helps!

BL x

PS. Why don't you join our challenge for the next 3 weeks and keep us posted about how you are getting on!


needs to get out more!
Cheers for that info - I will join the challenge!! Just burn off 200 cal on the thread mill! Go me!


needs to get out more!
I know!! Thats what I thought - Its fab!

Well done with your loss so far - how long has it taken you?
I have been losing weight for about a year now but initially it was just a change of diet and increase in exercise. I have been on SF for about 3-4 months but haven't been too good recently. Although I've been to the gym early this morning and I'm off to the swimming baths later (and braving the dreaded swimming costume :D)

I've got fresh motivation so I'm hoping for a good month!

BL x
Hello - I am new. Today is my first day of SF - I am 19 and 12st 8 - I am hoping to get down to 10st - maybe just under - in the last few years at college i have gained a fair amount of weight - i want to look and feel good in my clothes - i need all the motivation and encouragement going! - i am planning on having two shakes and a 600 cal meal per day - with fruit for snacks plus the rda of water - does anyone have any tips on how to follow SF most effectively, also suring my first week what amount can i expect to loose? considering i will be sticking to my diet fairly strictly?

please help me! I'm bored of being fat.


needs to get out more!
Hi Elaine - I'm moving to China to teach for a couple of years. Its sub tropical so its going to be really hot & I dont want to go looking like this!! Really wish I had started this slim fast thing sooner - I know I've lost weight this week but I'm not weighing myself til monday...

fitforuni - hello! Have a look through other people's posts, it seems to be between 4lbs and 15lbs in the first week. Good luck, have you joined the July challenge?

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