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I'm back and with a new goal!

I flew back from sunny Kenya on Friday and finally braved the scales this morning as I'm seeing my CDC this afternoon. I had put on 12lbs! :cry: But I was all inclusive and took a shine to palm breeze cocktails and desserts! I did eat lots of salads and as the restaurant served up meals in small portions, I never had seconds, but there was lots of pan fried fish/meat and sauces. But I saw my body change quite quickly within those 2 weeks and felt fat quickly. But I had only moved onto 810 several weeks before we went away.
Anyway, I had lost a total of 51lbs since 1st June and didnt quite meet my target by 6lbs. NOW I have a new target and aiming for Christmas with it. Cant wait to start CD tomorrow!:D
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Hi welcome back :D

12 pounds is nothing ;) that'll come off in no time!!! Are you gonna ss till it comes off or 810 again?

Was Kenya brill ???!! Bet it was :)

All the best for your restart x
Well done you! Glad you had a good time and seem so determined to get back on track. Sure you'll be at goal in no time. Agree how quickly you can feel your body change, after just one carb binge recently my stomach has felt like a balloon, and so uncomfortable. Makes you wonder how your body coped with so much junk for so long. (well, thats true for me anyway!) xx
I'm going to go onto SS and then follow the diet through the stages til the bitter end...lol. I suspect I gained quicker because I hadnt gone through all the stages to be able to maintain better. The only drawback on restarting this week is its hubbys birthday on Friday and we're out for a meal with friends, but I've done this before and its never been the end of the world. I had the new goal in mind before we went away and cant wait to get there.

Kenya was amazing, mrsessex! Fantastic people but some sad sights but we are determined to return next year. So I've plenty of time to diet and maintain!:D
Aw good luck with your restart you will do great x and glad you had a fab holiday
good luck with the restart! 12lbs in 2 weeks is nothing... i once put on just over a stone in a one week all-inclusive!
I failed already

BUT with good reason. I was admitted into hospital yesterday with a small blood clot, probably caused by my long haul flight back home on Friday. I was only discharged this lunchtime with the all-clear. So I'm afraid the diet starts tomorrow :cry:
Just thought i would say hi - im back on SS. 2 stone to lose
ohh the coast ..Mombasa. am sure u had loads of fun.am going to Kenya in December for 8 weeks. 2 weeks in Mombasa, the rest in Nairobi.btw i was born there. hhm i cant wait but the weight gain is daunting i'll probably gain bit more but soon as i come back i will be back on the diet.:D
Thanks, mrsessex, it knocked me for 6, thats for sure!

lunar jim - I didnt think that was too bad. I had only done SS then a couple of weeks SS+, then 4 weeks of 810. I realise that, ideally, I needed to have reached target and gone through the stages and maintain. I have plenty of time for that now to continue this diet properly, starting today. I have just over 2 stone to lose, then to maintain and I dont go back on holiday til August ;) And yes, I'll lose that 12lb in no time, most of it will be fluid anyway :D

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