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I'm back on the train


Says it as it is!!!
Yay,,,,, decided i was feeling well enough to jump back onto the LT train....i missed it after 3 days of having to think about what to eat and having to cook!!!! Roll on monday WI ..... i am still in keotosis so hopefully i will have managed to lose:D
Start tomorrow morning x
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Choo choo, climb aboard young lady and pull my whistle xxx


Says it as it is!!!
toot toot lol


Gold Member
Welcome back hun you seem loads better xxx
dont encourage her Trace ya know what shes like when she gets going xx


Says it as it is!!!
yup feeling good now thanks...garry... i am not THAT bad really lol
Red... i have got a chest infection and was told by my doc to come off lt for a few weeks ...but what does he know lol i have had 3 days off and i am missing LT, i feel well enough to come back to the madness ...so i am yayayaya how r u doing?
It might be best if I check out ya chest, so just post me a pic and I will let ya know xx


Says it as it is!!!
lmao ...if i did you would cack it


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good ya bk and not got into bad habbits!! glad your feelin better thow, im feeling gud dont no why iv not lost loads although weighed myself today an lost 2lb since wed which to me isnt gud but suprisingly feel gud about my body," not great" but gud!! how do you feel about havin to cum off lt? bet it was hard xxx


Says it as it is!!!
2lbs since wednesday is fab! Know what you mean ..i had shorts on today!!!!!!! I had loads of stuff i had down loaded about what you could eat to keep you in keotosis so it wasnt tooo bad but must admit i did miss LT nuts but true
Oh I too will be re-starting the full programe , but not until the 17th August. Had to come off early due to problems which are sorted now. Am trying to lose on the maintainence programme but not succeeding very well, lose 1lb and put on 3lb , its just useless. Have written food dairies and had them checked as ok , so I give up. Have a wedding next weekend and a holiday 4 weeks later and then away for a course 4 weeks after that, so it just isn't practical till August, and now my chemist tells me she'd rather me lose the rest maintaning , as its healthier but slower.......yeah right!!!! , a snail can move faster then my weight loss at present...I dont think sooo!!!!!!!

Hope you do well


fightin the fat !
Welcome back Nic x Glad u feel better xx
Welcome back :)


Says it as it is!!!
Welcome back nic and tanith,Nic its been quite without you petal.No more infections please!!
Ok...i will tell the little buggers to keep away .... AWWW its nice to be missed!
How are the arms looking hunni

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