I'm back!!!

Slim at heart

Skinny girls r 4 wimps!!
Hellooooooooooooooooooooo all!!!

So, here I am back from NY & had an absolute ball! It was absolutely fabulous & we loved every minute of it...

I had been very off track for about 10 days before leaving but having only protein & veg/salad, nuts etc no carbs..
Every week I had started good but then not been able to keep up with SSing & ended up eating again by the weekend; meat, salad, nuts etc
When I got to NY I started off good but ended up eating carbs too at the end & not really caring!

Well, I was 17st 10lb (248lb) before going off track, didn't weigh myself for over a week before leaving so pretty sure I had gone up but weighed myself when I came back & was 18st 11lb (263lb) WTF!!!

I really didn't expect to have put on that much as we walked EVERYWHERE, must have done around 10 miles a day BUT I'm pretty sure at least 7lb of that was water retention, I completely balooned up & couldn't even wear my rings that were loose on me before leaving.... my ankles were double the normal size!!

Also wasn't drinking half enough water due to the lack of 'restrooms' in NY, there's nothing worse than being dying to go for a pee in a strange city!

Anyway, back SSing since yesterday morning & had already lost 4lb as of this morning (18st 7lb) so fully expect to be back on track very soon... here's hoping anyway!!

Didn't find it too difficult to get back into it yesterday especially as I was sick as a dog after coming back & spent most of the day in bed with a bad migraine!

Felt slightly hungry yesterday evening & today but other than that happy to be getting back!

Can't wait to return to the point I was before going off track at 17st & 10lb..

Onwards & downwards!!

My new goal is 17st for Christmas, 5 weeks & 21lb... should be do-able, especially as I hope to loose a lot over this week & the next due to water retention & re-starting after being off for a couple of weeks..

Just need to remain positive & focused!

How is everyone else doing???

Glad to be back!!:D
Welcome back honey... missed ya!!!!

well done on being back on track........ me tooooooooooooooo... on day 5 and doing just fine!!! 8lb down already :D :D :D

chat soon


Gen xx
Thanks Gen!
I'm so happy for you, you finally got your head in the right place by the sounds of it.. way to go!!
I was wondering where you had got to & checked your update thread but it hadn't been updated in a while, have you started a new one???
Speak to you later girl,
Anna XXX