I'm beyond excited


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about starting SW
I get paid on friday and I'm going to do a big shop and do some bulk cooking.

Ive been reading all the success stories and I just cant wait to get going, I'm feeling so positive and I really want to keep hold of this feeling!

Im looking forward to not feeling bloated and guilty at the end of the day, I've made a pledge to myself to get up an hour earlier and exercise


I'm looking forward to eating fruit and veg, I'm looking forward to seeing my face get thinner again, I'm looking forward to wearing my old clothes, I'm looking forward to being confident again, I'm looking forward to feeling attractive again, I'm looking forward to feeling healthy and proud of myself

I can't blimming wait, I've prepared my whole life fully, Ive changed my work timetable to fit meetings in and made sure there is nothing I need to do after the meeting so I can stay and get the full benefit of the meeting. I just want to start ASAP!! I decided to enjoy my weekend, have a drink and girlie night with a take away and some choccies and me and my best friend have decided to make a "skinny book" so the weekend will be spent cutting out pictures of clothes/figures/recipes that I can look at when I want to chuck it in and reassure myself that I CAN DO IT

sorry for the long post!!! :D:D
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i love minimins me :)
hey hun

I jus wanted to say good luck!!! u sound really focused :)

I am part of a stone off by crimbo challenge if ya wanna join in?



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yes deffo, whats the details, Im well up for that


i love minimins me :)
its under, stace, fatty no more, sonbans 1 stone challenge, it should be on the first page of threads on slimmin world forum hun



Is so very nearly there!
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Good Luck n brill attitude! How much do you want to lose hun ?


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i need to lose about 9 stone
but I want to take it a stone at a time, 2lbs a week is my aim


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thats a good target hun, i wanna lose around the same as you in total but have set myself a mini target aswell. Once I achieve that I will set myself another one. Maybe the 1 stone by christmas could be your first mini challenge??


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thats great u r so excited hun good luck hun sure u will love it