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im craving for bread


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S: 20st7lb C: 17st6lb G: 15st7lb Loss: 3st1lb(14.98%)
OMG you've mentioned the unmentionable!!!!!!!!
Stay on here & take your mind off it lol xxx
This is the one thing I crave ALL the time. Toast. Its awful. I want toast all the time. I love it.

Keep strong. Glug some water and think about the horrid carbs!



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S: 20st9.5lb G: 10st0lb
lose-lotts if you have any soup packs try making crisps (or 1 giant popodum like I do!), they always help me when I crave bread.
but only 1 slice
how do u make crisp wats that all about


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G: 14st4lb
Ignore the cravings, remember you want not need it. What do you want most - one piece of toast or to lose that weight. Excellent advice before, stay on here with the rest of us, I think tonight will be a long, difficult one for me too.


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G: 14st4lb
Just noticed you're on week 2 like me, what day did you start? I was last Friday. Lots of people have said week 2 is the worst, we can do it!!:D
i started on 30th friday same day as u, but to be honest i have cheated. have u stuck to it. wat r u on ss


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G: 14st4lb
I'm on SS and not cheated yet. After a disastrous attempt last year which resulted in me putting on 2 stone extra when I came off:eek::eek: I decided if I was going to do this it had to be done properly.
It's really hard going though.

Looking at your other thread if you have been cheating a bit, I'd say the metallic taste is definitely ketosis - all the more reason to avoid temptation tonight, coz it'll begin to get easier as that settles down! :)

Have you tried SS before?
no never tried it before
never tried what lose-lotts? :)
Im also having cravings for Bread tonight, but Im gonna stay on here and re-focus!

What does the Make Crisp comment mean? Im confused :confused:
never tried this cd before. anyway carnt get hold of my cdc wanted to know if i can have weetabix if its allowed
I know the feeling - i didnt even eat alot of bread before but you always want what u cant have
maybe have a small piece of chicken and salad so u r eating solid food and stop thinking about it? I went to my local shop this morn and they were baking the fresh bread i had to hold my nose!!

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