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im feeling a little bit down!!!


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:mad:apart from the fact that i put a FULL SIZED pic of myself on facebook in my new black dress n look pretty good in it for once in my life, im feeling rubbish!! the only problem is after 7 weeks on the plan my eating is slowly deteriorating!!! my looses av been ok but why wont my mind accept i need to eat to slim?>?im going back to hardly not eating again as its been a way of life for me( the guilt of eating) i no i wont loose weight not eating but its like its something in my mind stopping me- i need a kick up the backside!!!
laura xx
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You will deteriorate back into this kind of behaviour it can take a long time to break a habit so just keep persevering at it and it will come. try not to feel to down about it just look at how well you have done!


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Laura you have done so well so please don't have doubts about what you are doing.
I think that we are generally brain washed to believe that you have to eat less to lose weight but we all know that is not the case with SW. It's just getting our brain to believe it, even though the scales prove otherwise!
If you stop eating, you may not do so well as we really do need to eat to lose so you may really be disappointed.
So please, please just continue as you have been doing. You are doing great and please remember we are here for you!


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Ah the 7 week itch, i've been there hun! Where the diet feels like the last thing on your mind, you start to get a bit cocky..bit more relaxed. I asked my consultant for a SAS log, although i had a gain the week after its kicked me up the bum


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17.5 lbs honey - you're doing bl**dy briliant!!! Please don't lose sight of that. I know it isn't easy - I felt down recently about things too - but I'm saying what everyone else said to me - DO NOT GIVE UP!!!

What motivated you to start losing weight? Keep that in mind and maybe set a little target to keep you going.

Hugs xxx

Mrs V

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As the others have said...dont give up...17.5lbs over 7 weeks, is an average loss of 2.5lbs, so you are doing brilliantly!
Try and keep your mind away from the fact that you are on a diet, give yourself something to do in your spare time...I go dancing as a break from my everyday life!
Before you know it, you'll be at target thinking what was all that worry over.
Take care.


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