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I'm finding it hard? help :(

I started sw on Monday and Have done well and deffinaly been eating well. I have a few issues tho . I feel like I am struggling with it!! I'm always hungry, getting bored of eating the same old thing, feel limited to what I can and can't eat. I am a person who has to cook just for myself on some days, and struggle with cooking a big veg meal for one person!

I am quite afraid of eating too many syns a day so I eat very little. Using it on marge and ketchup.

I'm used to eating out quite a bit - being around town and just grabbing a sandwich to eat. But I can't do it no more without eating 20 syns a go!
Can any one give me some advice?
How ever much I would love to pop to the chip shop right now I know I can't as need to loose weight for my wedding day!!

Emily xx
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What kind of foods are you eating? Can you give us an idea of what you ate yesterday for example?

With regards to eating out. I have eaten lunch in the pub 3 days this week & have been able to eat on plan, on all 3 plans as well, so its definitely possible.
I'm on extra easy too. Yesterday I had
Breakfast: low fat no syn yogurt with bananas strawberys and a plum all in one bowl
Lunch: a greggs chicken sandwich ( then found out it was 24 syns... Oops )
Tea: pork chops , carrots ( lots of) brocolli new potatoes, mushrooms and aubagine.
Snack : a syn free yogurt

I was hungry by 3 hours.
I would normaly have my hex a as milk and hex b as bread and Have beans on toast for lunch but because I was out I had to grab sonething
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hey, i started on tuesday :)
maybe try having pasta with lunch with loads of veggies, it usually fills me up until dinner. Also eggs are filling i've had a boiled egg salad and its delish. potatoes are filling too.

also drink alot of water, when you feel hungry have a pint of water(with squash or something) and that might sort your hunger. sometimes when you feel hungry its actually because you're dehydrated.

hope that helps a little bit, if I think of anything else i'll come back and add it. but if you need help and struggling try ringing your consultant up? thats if you're doing it with a class.

and if you want a chippy have it, have cod and take the batter off-free!! ;)!!


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I find grabbing a bite to eat hard too. Because its summer hols and kids off we are always out and about and needing to grab a quick lunch! A mcdonalds grilled chicken salad (no dressing) is only 2syns. And there is always a maccy D's about :) Could you take something with you like a home made pasta salad or sandwich? Even alpen lights and fruit! There are tons of yummy main meal recipies on here, have a look, im on week 6 and not even made half the recipies i have seen that i fancy! And there are lots that are great for freezing so you can make meals for one that last a few days.
Are you writing everything down? That way its easy not to lose track of what your having, and then you wouldn't need to be afraid you are using too many syns! If you are hungry eat some free/superfree food! No need to be hungry at all on SW! xx
I just started this week.... Ryvita they do a lovely fruit crunch ( I drizzle honey on mine!) eggs are good... Bacon mug a soups are free baked beans jacket potato... I bought the free book for £2 it gives u ideas also look at the purple book in your starter pack! Xx
I only started 6 weeks ago and it took me a while to realise what I could and couldn't eat so it's worth reading your books a few times to get ur head round it all. I've realised that planning ahead makes all the difference. You could make a massive chilli, spag bol, free curry, soups etc and just freeze them in portions. You can do the same with rice and freeze that. This will save having to just cook a meal for 1. But stick with it as is does work and I've lost 10 pounds without feeling hungry
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Hi Emily -there is no reason to e hungry on SW, there is SO much free food - it is the only reason SW works for me as I have a very big appetite. Hopefully as you settle into the plan you will realise how much scope there is and that you need never be bored or eat the same old thing.

Don't forget the red and green day plans as well as the EE - I almost alwasy do Green as I am vegetarian, but those at my class who normally do EE sometimes ring the changes and do red and green for a change.

As for food on the go, grabbing something with minimal syns from a sandwich shop is never going to be easy, but if you are anywhere near Tesco Metro, Boots, etc, they have pot salads/pastas, which you could check the syns on? Or make sure you always have plenty of fruit with you - or make your own salads as someone suggested - also try pasta salads, rice, couscous etc - when I was working I always took a salad of some sort for my lunch, but I get bored easily so always ring the changes.

Good luck!
do you have a reasonable sized freezer?

If you are eating just the same food every day, then you will become bored. The free foods list is huge, so there are hundreds of recipes that can be made, you really shouldnt feel limited to what you can eat.

The reason I ask if you have a freezer is because most recipes can be frozen, so when cooking up something, make a big batch and freeze some portions, so you also have things on hand should you need something quick.

Don't deprive yourself of syns, your syns are there for a reason, so use them. 5 is the minimum amount of syns you should have a day, most have between 10-15 a day and lose weight well like that.

If you can telll us the kind of foods you like, perhaps we can give you some suggestions of foods you can make.

Also browse food diarys on here for inspirated and check out the food pics thread on the recipe board.
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From reading your post I feel you want to lose weight & want to follow SW but at the moment you don't fully understand SW and are scared of eating the wrong foods.

If you were out would you normally go for MccyD's? You can make this yourself, have a 57grm wholemeal roll (hexb) make syn free burgers with fat free mince (i think, I don't eat mince) and voila you've got yourself a tasty burger, add SW chips & 1/3 superfree & you've got yourself a tasty EE meal. Could you eat this?

Take a look at the diaries on here & get some ideas. Also do a search for picnic food this will give you ideas what you can eat on the go.

If you give us some ideas of what you would have eaten pre SW we can try & find the same but SW friendly;)
I,ve been on here a week and this is so helpful sometimes i think i am doing it wrong tho i did lose 7lb!!!! Was very shocked but this week dont expect much of a loss hubby ended up in hospital so been totally stressed Great info tho Thanks xx
oh and I would avoid any kind of ready made sandwiches, none of which qualify for a free food allowance, so will always be hefty in syns.

buy yourself a food flask, that way you can take some hot food you have prepared with you. Things like stews, casseroles, curry, soup, chilli, bolognese, pasta


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If you are out for lunch why not try subway. They do salad versions of all their sub fillings and a lot are either free or low syn. Obviously hold the cheese and dressings.

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