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I'm getting vein

I am getting so vein is this normal. I am feeling so good and starting to look so good (compared to what I used to look like) and I cant stop looking at myself. Is this normal?

I just feel sooo good, my clothes are stating to hang on me. Clothes that didnt fit now do, my husband and daughter are so proud.

I feel I am busting with pride.:)
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Queen of the Damned
You deserve to be bursting with pride - excellent weight loss, and making it through Christmas - kudos to you! :clap:
You deserve to be proud hun ,you have the time of your life on this diet it all happens so fast no time to get down hearted so enjoy the journey xxxx
You deserve it! Not only do you look good, you've had the strength and control to make it happen, because you didn't get it easily (like all those naturally thin people).

Be proud and confident in yourself!

Lil K

Addicted to Minimins

You carry on feeling proud and bursting with pride. You are doing something wonderful for yourself and the new slimmer you is emerging - so carry on admiring and feeling good about yourself - it's what you deserve for the successful effort you are making!

Well done x


please try again
hey enjoy looking at the emerging you in the mirror

how many times have we all stood looking in a mirror on the verge of tears because we dont like what we see?

keep up the good work ur doing fantastic

Deb G

Silver Member
Yep - I'm guilty too! Went shopping with my mate the other day - in the sales - and was hunting for size 10/12 as opposed to this time last year when I was looking for 16/18s.

Anyway - she kept saying "STOP looking at yourself in the shop windows all the time!" because I found that I was. It sounds very vain, but I still can't get over the fact that it IS me - normally I wouldn't even try to look because I knew it would depress me!!

Enjoy it - you've done well and you deserve to feel good about it!!!
Im definately guilty of it, and everyone is noticing too!! (but I don't care!) I think it passes tbh, but take it in... you've done well and deserve to be happy about what you've achieved :)

Lil K

Addicted to Minimins
Deb G said:
Went shopping with my mate the other day - in the sales - and was hunting for size 10/12 as opposed to this time last year when I was looking for 16/18s.quote]

I went to the sales the other day looking for 12/14's to keep me going as I have nothing :eek: to wear. Sod's law that there were loads of 18/20's left, yet when I was bigger I couldn't get them for love nor money!
I started Lighter-Life a year ago today!! and have been maintaing since Apr/May..a few lbs go on and come off here and there but I have to say, I am still guilty of looking at myself in every shop window, mirror etc - enjoy it!!!!
Yep vanity is a common symptom of weight loss!!! Enjoy it, lol.

By the way VAIN is spelt like this.... ;);););)

I guess too much weight loss could make us VEIN(y) like Madonna - yuk... lol
I must admit I am guilty of it too - I used to tell my step daughter off, cos everytime she was talking to me she was looking in the mirror. Now I am doing it too - she is enjoying the revenge!!

Enjoy hon - you deserve it!

oohhh you girls are so lucky im a 20 but cant wait to even shop for 16/18's well done girls xxxx

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