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I'm going to see The Scorpions in concert

Now Karma - that, The Scorpions, THAT reminds me of 1980s Bay Area living!! My ex hubby was well into them - we listen to them all the time! SHould be a great show!

We are off to see The Moody Blues Saturday night!!!

So cool - a music weekend!!

Have fun!


Guess who's back...?
Awww - so jealous!! Winds of Change was my anthem while I was living out in Mexico - would love to hear it performed live, as well as all their other classics... enjoy it (and wearing the jeans!) x
WINDS OF CHANGE!! Got that in my first car back in 1992...

oh Winds is so commercial LOL

There other stuff is fab like The Zoo, Rock you like a hurricane and lots of other fab stuff !!

Ach! I love The Zoo. Actually went to that subway station when we were in Germany - I belive its in mUnich (or Berline - memory fades). Great song - creepy subway station - it really is a zoo!

Quick little story here thats kind of funny Karma....Back pre 1985 because I wasn't married yet, me and my to-be-hubby were sat outside - him wrenching onm his Monte Carlo, and me sun bathing and reading a book called Christiane F. Its a true story abuot a 13 year old heroin addict in Germany.

While I was reading, the tape with The Zoo was on - and I am reading with my eyes about this young runaway druggie in a crazy subway station called The Zoo, while at the same time I am hearing about this crazy subway station called The Zoo with my ears!! When the two came together it was one of those "whoaaaaa dude" moments that were so popular in the 80s in America. :D

Aw, your gonna have a great time. jealous me!! :)
No worries - it happens! :)

The book is great. Really gripping - I think I read the whole thing that day while he worked on the car - that CD was on loop - so whenever I hear any of those songs I think of Christiane.

Good book. Movie - pretty good - but book is better. I like really heavy hard hitting films and books. :)

Not long now till the concerts!