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Im Gutted

Just been to WI, ive lost 1 1/2 pounds this week but I have been so good and i have really put my heart into exercising. My Mum who is 9 1/2 stone lost 2 pound but shes drinking a few vodkas a week, not counting them, eatting biscuits. *****. lol. I know at least Ive lost something but still I have loads to lose and im really gutted. Is it because Ive been exercising and my fat has started to turn to muscle? its heavier than fat. :cry:
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Nanny Jax

getting back on track
Awwwwwwww Vicky, don't be too disappointed hun, it's a great loss, i lost 5.5 at my 1st wi, and put one on at the second, so you are doing better than I did, exercise is only going to benefit you Vic, i bet you lost inches a plenty. Just keep up the good work you are doing great. :)
Yeah Jax, 3.5 " off my waist and 2.25" off my hips.


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There you go girly, you're losing inchs!! Plus, I bet next week you'll have a big loss.

Not sure about the muscle adding on weight to you.... we use to think that in our old group until our consultant found out it would take a body builder who lifted weights every day about 4 months to gain 1lb of muscle from fat?? Not sure how true that is but it's stuck in my mind.

Most importantly, keep focussed - you've lost almost half a stone in 2 weeks. xxxxx
Thanks everyone:gen126:


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Hey Vick try not to compare your weight loss to others. I know its hard to do but really try. You have still had a fab week well done on the loss keep up the great work you are obviously doing something right.:)
HI Vicky, I too was gutted last night and I put on 0.5lb - even though I was heavenly this week and walked about 5 miles as well are exercise. I spoke to my consultant and it could be if you are doing more exercise than normal your body retains more fluid. Could also be if you are near your star week too. Who knows - next week you could have 4lb off! ;)

Force Ten

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And don't forget Vicky that they recommend you shouldn't really lose more than 1 to 2 pounds a week anyway because that way you are more likely to keep it off. Don't expect a big loss every week otherwise you'll get disheartened and stop dieting altogether. If you plan for a small loss every week and look at it as a long-term project, you are much more likely to get to your target weight and stay there.

I've done the quick weight loss many times and just put it all back on again and more besides. I'd be happy if I just lost half a pound - it's still going in the right direction:)

FT x


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I know how you feel i was really good and upped my exercise too and not lost anything. Hey at least you lost inches, I didn't so not quite sure whats going on?

Roz x
Thanks everyone. I was so disappointed last night, my Mum said she didnt if I was going to cry or punch someone after I got off the scales. I measured my waist this morning and ive lost 4inches so im a wee bit happier today.
Thanks for the nice messages, it really stopped me hitting the chocolate digestives xx
Id be over the moon if i lost that! exercise does play a role also in your weight loss and inch loss.
I would go by what the girls have said and say of you have lost weight and inches id presume your doing mighty fine!

Ruthy xxxx


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