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Im having a wii fit for xmas !!!!


I will do this!!!
I LOVE mine!!! get the wii fit plus its amazing! i couldn't live without mine :)


Gotta Make A Change
a wii is brillant. dont expect groundbreaking graphics, but wii fit is such fun :D i love it especially when you unlock new exercises i was using that daily before i got into the gym workout :D
ive had one for ages, never go on it but have brought wii fit plus but can i find batteries for it no i blooming well cant, so wont be on it till tomoz, also loved the active but not been on that after 10 days being on it, but defo doing more as from tomoz need to do something to keep mind of being bored/stressed, good luck u should enjoy
Oh it needs batteries! i hope it comes with some thats always my downfall at xmas , never any batteries for the kids toys!!! ......Mine is not wii plus because my hubby bought it a while back he had been saving up bless him...
No the wii fit is standard i have the wii fit and wii fit plus game and needs 4 aa batteries and batteries in the remotes, i have none what so eva lol
Word of advice - Buy rechargables! VERY handy and saves money.

I've been on the Wii Fit since I started SW again, it's excellent for building up exercise slowly. For example, I've been doing 10 minutes every other day, and next week I'm going to start doing 20 minutes. And the great thing is, if you don't feel like doing aerobics then you can play the games, and vice versa, and either way you're off the sofa and moving about!

My mum has the normal wii fit and we love it. The hoola hoop excercise is great for getting rid of those love handles. We have a great laugh but we are exercising at the same time. Actually look forward to exercising now.
we borrowed my OH little brothers and i love it but we had to give it him back coz he got a skateboarding game he needed it for. ive been hinting for weeks that i want one and the plus game for christmas but i dont know if my OH has realised they are hints or not. if i dont get one at christmas ill get one in february for my birthday x
I have got wii fit plus now and it's much better than the original but it still drives me nuts that it can take 45 minutes to do half an hours exercise. I like it enough to do 3 days a week combined with 3 days of my fitness coach though :)
wii fit and wii fit lus are great!! if your loookig for a more chalenging work out get ea sorts active! ea gives you a real work out :D more ideal when u get to gold on body magic!!
so whats the difference between wii fit and wii fit plus game is it worth me buying wii fit plus game aswell ?


Never gets tired of SW!
I haven't got one (yet!!) but I think they're a fantastic invention!! I'm a nurse and we're thinking of getting one for our patients to use- good physiotherapy and would keep them entertained in an otherwise boring and depressing environment/experience!! I would love to get one! I love exercising outside (ie walking) but am put off by all this rain so I'm veering towards the concept of indoor exercise and I'm not keen on gyms so Wii is defo on the cards!!X

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