I'm hungry!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
You probably have never seen me say that before, but having been away and starting over, it is like the first day again.

Had vanilla for b/fast - 2 pts of water, half a choc for lunch - pt of water. Now I'm going to make half a chicken and drink another pint.

I'm glad there are no bananas left in the house or I may have eaten one.

The sooner I get back into ketosis the better, so cheers girls!

Marylyn x
Hi Marylyn
I know its awful isnt it waiting for that Ketosis friend to kick in its the only time we want to be kicked lol ;)
Your doing fab and stay on track as it will get better.
Just drink all that water and post here it really helps
(((((hugs for you)))))

Thanks for that

Now I'm trying to do the signature thing, and I bet I'll do it wrong - here goes
hey maryln
it is harder the second time round but at least you know that it really, really will work. I think also it takes a wee bit longer to mentally adjust to SSing second time round but you know the rewards are there just waiting for you so stick with it, you dont have that much left to go and will soon do it.
Thanks girls

I'm still feeling very hollow, but am going to drink 2 pints now.

I forgot how hard the first few days are. I think it will be better tomorrow.

Must, can and will do it. Winter's coming - got to get to goal before Christmas.

Isobel, I looked at the glitter.com and I still dont know what to do.

I like my fish thing though, especially as I am a Pisces.
Hello Marylyn,
Keep up the GOOD work, I'll be joining in again tomorrow,if the shakes are in that is, so here's to a lot less of us ! Looks like I'll be having a few early nights !