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..doing it!
....Why the flippin 'eck isnt LT advertised on tv or in mags like LL???!!!

Sooooo many people have had their lives changed (for the better) because of it :D

Every time I come on here I read about how well everyone is doing and its sooo encouraging! Even when someone has had a "bad day" they know that when they log on here they will NOT be judged negatively and supported through their time of need.

Makes you realise that you are NOT alone and that even though your friends/family might not support/accept this diet that there are PLENTY of fabulous people out there (yep you guys!!!) who can lift your spirits and give advice when you are feeling low, upset, or even hungry! :grouphugg:

Just felt like I needed to get my feelings out there!!! :cool:

I cant wait to see pics :D or perhaps a LT man...... ;)

So back to my question......why not??
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Here we go again!
Don't know why, seems like a waste of a perfectly good diet to me.

It's a lot cheaper than LL too so don't know why it's not more popular. Perhaps cos it's so much stricter than any other diet. But that's why it suits me so much, no temptation and cutting out food altogether really has changed how I think about it.


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This type of diet is not encouraged by the medical profession. They advise healthy eating and plenty of exercise. If it is that easy why is obesity spiralling out of control all over the world!! It is easier to get to see a drug/alcohol worker than it is to see a dietician!! I have waited over six months since my referral for a gastric band and Ive still not heard anything, thus why I decided to give this diet a go.
I personally think it should be more widely advertised, as alot people who would benefit from it still are not aware of it.


..doing it!
I totally agree with you both there!

From my experience of LL it seems in comparison alot more "attractive" as a whole package (with the added counselling) than LT which is perhaps why it is advertised and not LT. No offence to anyone doing LL!!

LT is very straight forward, you do it or you dont lol!

I was annoyed when i'd found out (through MiniMins) about LT, a similar diet but ALOT CHEAPER!!! My GP didnt know about it which upset me because i'd gone to ask her about VLCDs before I started last year.

When I went to see the nurse the other day she was trying to convince me to STOP LT and to take up their new diet programme! She even mentioned about them PAYING me to do it :eek:

Wow that rather pi**ed on my fireworks! Because she knew that I was paying for LT and that I was recently made redundant :mad:

There are soo many people out there that have no idea about VLCD's that would appreciate knowing that at least the option - if healthy eating/exercise doesnt work - is there for them.

:sigh: It just bugs me! Methinks my rant is over :D



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I only heard of lipotrim because 2 girls in work were doing it, I had never heard of it before.

I agree that its the best diet ever, it has certainly changed my life.


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Cos it's our little secret and only the bestest people in the world know about it :) lol

I found out only 3 years ago from a friend of a friend who'd done it and lost loads of weight. When i started it i think i was going to the only chemist in Manchester that did the diet. Now theres loads! So it is growing, slowly but surely.

I think part of the reason it isn't advertised is because of the whole quick fix thing. Theres so many people who don't need to lose weight and are always wanting to diet (many with disorders), so many who need to but just want a quick fix and will continually do the diet for a week and then eat rubbish for a week and carry on like that, others who just want to get a few lbs off for a holiday...If people saw LT advertised they would do it and i dont believe that is what this diet is about. It's for people who need to lose the weight but who need to teach themselves a whole new way of life involving food. Plus if you are going to mess about with a diet such a this and not do it properly well then its just dangerous isnt it! So keeping it word of mouth..well although you still got the odd person who wont take it seriously, i believe the majority of people do :D

Now if any of that makes sense please let me know cos i've just rambled lol x


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This type of diet is not encouraged by the medical profession. They advise healthy eating and plenty of exercise.
Hiya hun,

This diet was first in gp surgeries before it reached the pharmacy's. Some of the older doctors believe in healthy eating and exercise and dont agree with diets like cambridge diet, LL or LT however over this past few years this has changed and now many surgeries or offering low calorie diet solutions to patients. I work in the medical profession myself not as a gp but as a registrar in gastroenterology and I always offer my patients the option of going on to LT/cambridge diet as these are the two moreso that I am more familar with myself as I have lost weight on both. However there are pro's and con's with a vlcd rather than going on ww or something similar as that is long term weight loss. The NHS have joined up with a vlcd called weight to go and as doctors we are encouraged to introduce it to our patients however after doing some research myself, its more expensive that LT/Cambridge but is similar to celebrity slim. You can get a discount if your gp recommends you but you have to fit the bill so to speak and show that you are defintely trying. Each to their own but personally I wouldnt think twice offering any of these diets to people who asked me about them as they have proven to be amazing.

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