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Im new to cambridge


hello thought i would introduce myself.
I sam aged 33 and on day 2 of cd.
Yesterday was horrible i was tired and craving food.I went to sleep but started to dream about food:eek: .
Today has not been too bad this afternoon i had a sleep,but now i feel fantastic.I have told my husband i could actually go out and dance all night i have so much energy.
I even made a sunday dinner without wanting any.

I know i can do this,i am destined to be slimmer for summer to be able to wear shorts instead of long trousers with big baggy t-shirt.
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Hi Tickle

I know what you mean, this year has to be the summer I wear what I want to wear rather that what I have to wear.

Keep it up, you will get over the cravings, the rewards are much more greater. It's about time we lived our lives and stop hiding behind big sized clothes.

We all will have a slim summer.


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I am on Day 3 today,Day 1 I was fine but was working Friday night so took my mind of it.Yesterday I felt a bit hungover really and last night dreamt my shopping kept falling out of my trolly in Tesco,when I finally got out I was walking down the street and teh wheels were falling off LOL.Today I feel fantastic too :)

How much do you have to loose?I have 5.5st

Good luck and heres to a slimmer summer :)



thanks for your replies.
i have about 6 stones to lose which came as a shock,But i will do it i know i will this time.I have tried ww,sw even the atkins diet but i need the choice of food taken from me.


Dreaming of being slim!
Good luck Tickle!!!

I know what you mean about having the choice of food taken away-makes it so much easier to stick too I hope!!


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Good luck Tickle!!!

I know what you mean about having the choice of food taken away-makes it so much easier to stick too I hope!!

It does make it so much easier, as long as you stick with it, be bloody minded then you will be fine, keep posting on here when ever you can, the support is fantastic.

Well done all new starters for taking the plunge, trust me, its worth it x


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Well done for starting the diet.

It gets easier and easier and is definately worth it.

This summer is going to be a good summer for all of us :)


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Well done tickle,

How are you finding it today:confused:

I most definitely want to be in shorts this summer:)

Love Mini xxx


i feel brilliant today,not hungry in the slightest which shocked me.I have realised i eat when i am bored so today i have cleaned my daughters bedroom:eek: .
I wish it was friday so i could have my weigh in and see how i have gone on.

thanks for the best wishes


Hello SAM,
I'm Navy also 33 I'm changing over from LL and starting CD.
How are you finding drinking 4litres of water,I'm finding it quite difficult also having to go toilet so many times inconvenient when out and about.
Its nice to know your doing well wishing you the best of luck.
Please do let me know how you get on.


well done sam!! Thats a great start to CD!! it really is a fab diet and the results are just amazing!

Keep up the good work and keep your reslove strong and you will be fab!!

Hugs Lou X