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Im new to the forum and struggling, help!!!

Im New to the forum HELLO!!!
Hi all,
Im Jeanette and ive just been told about this forum by a friend of mine who is on the Cambridge Diet, I wish id have known about it before because I could have really done with the support and just to have the knowledge that other people are doing the same diet and knowing how others are doing with it.
Ive had a quick look around and this place looks brilliant.
Im 27 and I started on Lipotrim on September 1st 2008 but I have been on and off the diet more times than I can count, LOL
I stayed on the diet for the whole of Septemeber and I lost about 2 stones in that time.
Then over October and November I was on and off the diet because of nights outs and weekends away and holidays etc. I only lost about another 11lbs over them 2 months as my weight went up and down with my holidays etc and I never did a proper re-feed before stopping at any point.
I had the whole of December off the diet and after I stopped smoking in the new year I didnt restart as planned because I didnt think I could cope with not smoking and not eat at the same time. I had been off the fags for 5 weeks so I thought sod it Im going back on Lipotrim or Ill be the size of a house again in no time.
When I went and got weighed again last week to start Lipotrim again I was pleasently surprised that I had only put 8lbs back on because since early December I had eaten anything and everything.
Anyway, im back on it now and ive got the next couple of weekends which is going to be difficult because ive got partys and things to go to but Im gonna try my very best and come March I have no excuses to faulter for a long while as I have nothing planned.
When I go for my weigh in on friday I will note down all of my past weights and dates and losses etc to post them up.
I look forward to posting on here on a regular basis now I know about it and Im really chuffed to have all of your knowledge about Lipotrim and your experiences of it at my disposal :D.
Catch you all soon. J x :)


Last Monday (9th feb) was the actual 1st day back on LT since my 2 month xmas and stop smoking break, I had almost a weeks worth of LT shakes left so I started on the 9th without going to get weighed, I stuck to the LT all week and went and got weighed and officially re-started with weldricks on Friday (13th feb).
True to form of the next couple of weeks I had a party to go to last weekend and I couldnt not eat/drink so i came off it for the weekend and re-started again this Monday.
Everything was ok and I was so positive this morning but this afternoon (after my 2nd shake) I fell off the wagon and had a blooming sandwich, arghh im sooooooooo mad with myself.
I reckon its because I know ive got a gig to go to this weekend where ill be meeting up with lots of long distance friends and then on the 28th Ive got my Mums surprise 60th b-day party and I know that I cannot do either event without eating/drinking.
My original plan was to do 5 days on and 2 days off for the next couple of weeks until everything is out of the way and then ive got a full clear run on LT until the end of May before I have to come off it again.

Im totally fed up with myself!!!

Does anyone else have this lack of will power or it just me?

I could kick myself right now, im a flaming nightmare. :cry::mad::eek::(:wave_cry::confused::cry:


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Hi Jeanette,
glad you found Minimins, it's a brilliant help for motivation etc.
Welcome and I hope you have lots of success. xxxx

ps. Is there anyone else out there?!! :eek:
Come on ! this girl is looking for support!
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well done for joining here it does help

unfortunatley i have to say that in order to do this succesfully you cant just be jumping off it to go out you just have to either stick to the water or give it a miss

anyway thats my advice lol welcome aboard


Here we go again!
Hi Jeanette. Welcome the forum, you'll be glad you found it. I personally couldn't stop and start on LT cos my cravings would go crazy so it's best if I just try and stick to it and not break it for as long as I can.

We all have our weak moments though and you just have to fight your way through them. Why not set yourself little goals and don't think too far ahead. I think that puts too much pressure on if you do that.

You've got to get your motivation and will power back and you will be fine. Good luck, stick with it and you know you will get brilliant results. I have faith in you, you can do it, you know you can!
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can i add:
I was starting and stopping and if i had just kept going when i originally started in june i would have been at goal in october. I would have spent christmas as a skinny girl! i would be enjoying my new found confidence... but im not cos i was lazy too and wasnt committed to this. theres really no point in 1/2 doing it. stick with it.. there'll be a million birthdays and outings in ur life and no one cares whether u eat or drink or not... its only you thats stopping yourself
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Well done on your loss last year, and not gaining too much over xmas. Try to stay on the lipotrim, i am not starting till monday due to something this weekend, So i would suggest starting when there are no parties etc... I have a few family get togethers but will take my shakes with me, My family know what i am doing and wont make em eat things.

If you do it this time properly then you will be a skinny mini in no time.

Good luck with your journey
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hi and welcome, yes like all diets it difficult but when you are on a roll with this one the weight simply drops off, good luck!
Thanks everyone.
Much appreciated!!!

Been doing alot of soal searching lately. Ill get there Im sure!!!
Had lots of changes happening in my life recently and the biggest battle is probably trying to find a way to deal with them first.
Anyway, Cheers.

Your all doing fantastic, I take my hat off to you all, every one of you are a real inspiration.
Thank You.

J x

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