Im new!


Finally a size 12!
Hi Guys

Just finished my Lipotrim diet about 4 months ago and been maintaining my weight but wanna shift a final 1 stone and after much thought im gonna try weight watchers. Im giving up smoking as well so fingers crossed i dont subsitute ciggies for food!!!

Love all the recipe ideas and tips. Are the tesco light meals ok as they have the WW points on the back of those and sainsburys own slimming meals do?

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will beat the bulge!!
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Hi well done on your previous weight loss :) good luck on getting ur last stone off xxx


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welcome to the WW boards - WW is perfect for you to get back into eating healthily and to shift that last stone :)

in answer to your question any food is fine as long as you can fit it into your daily points. Tescos lighter / sainsburys bgty meals are fine if thats what you like :) theyre generally really healthy and balanced and if you have with some veg you can pad it out and not use any extra points values :)

good luck with your weight loss journey xxx


Im just me!
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well done on your looses so far thats great,all the ww meals and tesco meals have the points on them.

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Hi festivalfairy - well done on your losses so far and good luck with your last stone.

I did a similar thing (vlcd till I had 9lbs to go - then switched to WW). It has been working for me (when I don't binge on chocolate that is!)

Rosie xx


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Hi and welcome - Good luck with WW and shifting that last stone - Good on you for deciding to give up the ciggies too!!!