I'm on a journey, not a wagon - join me!

Blurrrrr. Feeling a bit rubbish this morning, headache and like I have a cold coming. Actually I feel like I have a hangover which as I'm teetotal at the moment just isn't FAIR!!

thought my youngest was going to be off school today as she was up most of the night coughing but she seems to have rallied :)

Went to tae kwon do last night, I train twice a week. Was so hard to drag myself out in the cold and dark but felt better for having gone. Particularly as I'm just not finding time/energy to do any other exercise at the moment.

First week always so slow isn't it? I remember this, that's why I want to be like one of the people who just incorporate SW into their weekly routine without giving it much though, time goes quicker then.
Bit of a victory last night, both OH and I were feeling rubbish and tired and under the weather - He'd had to have an emergency tooth out during the day and I'd done a late shift feeling like rubbish. Normally we'd order in pizza to treat ourselves, without thinking about it really. We didn't this time. Positive change in habits.

Have friends over for lunch, and instead of doing a roast with all the trimmings like we (he) usually would, we're having some sort of SW friendly jambalaya. Then off later to see Paddington2 with kids. Fun times.....
Well done in going to tae kwon. This time of year always makes you want to stay in. Like you say once your there and doing it you do feel better afterwards.

I love a good roast. I'm sure jambalaya will be just as good.:)

I want to see Paddington2 but as the nearest cinema is crap and I have to drive 20 miles to the next one I will have to wait and see it when it comes Amazon.
2lbs off tonight.

I'm pleased with that, it means I'm under my heaviest ever weight (important psychologically) and that I've been doing it OK, despite stopping writing things down from Wednesday onwards as I lost my little bit of paper :)

Tried hard at the weekend, my guests bought me some milk tray and I had some within syns, went to cinema and had Nothing to eat (Pick and mix my nemesis normally) and went out for a carvery lunch and had roast meat and salad and diet coke.

So 13st 12 now, and I'd really REALLY like to be under 13 by the time we fly to Dublin for my birthday on 27th December, but for now my goal is still just stick to it and attend weigh in for another 3 weeks!
Well done. 2 pounds is great. I get what you mean about the psychology of certain weight numbers. Mine is to get to 11 stone something as haven't been in the 11 bracket for 8 years! It's nice to have mini targets like your Dublin target as keeps us going!
Nice loss xxx
Thanks all,

Second week is seeming a little easier as there isn't so much obsessing over what I can and can't eat, we're just getting on with it. It helps that we've actually got little food in the house so just have to eat what's there, last night I was tired and hunting around for a tasty snack. But we don't have any. So I gave up and had an apple!!

I really want to try and do a bit more exercise this week, finding it a bit difficult to motivate myself. I have a million fitness dvds, so really shouldn't be too hard to stick one on. I know that once I've done one I'm more inclined to do another, maybe tonight....
I've got a question about the SW magazine.

All the people featured in it, when they're telling their story seem to come to slimming world for the first time (as in, I'd tried everything else, then I found Sw and I couldn't believe I could each so much!)

But everyone I know on Sw has done it at least once, maybe more than that?!

Do you think they just leave that part put as it makes it look like you can put the weight back on with Sw?
They never tell the full story in magazines.
Slimming World along with all the other plans are diets.You fall off the plan you will put the weight back on.
You only have to read forums like this to see it happens.:)
Yes you're right.

And I've been thinking about that, people putting the weight back on. Most of us do, but that's OK isn't it? I mean it's better that we lose the weight even if it's only for a certain amount of time than we just keep getting bigger.

I don't think of it as a failure if you put weight back on, because you succeeded in losing the weight and that means you can succeed again - it just means other things claimed your attention as a priority in the meantime.

I'd find the success stories more inspiring if they included details about what was different for the slimmer this time round, and how they have managed to maintain focus so far - rather than just their eternal fascination with the fact that you can eat jacket potatoes and lose weight.....
Humph, just had a pack of batchelors rice thinking it was free and it's now 1.5 syns. Wtf? I don't even like it as I can never get it soft enough and it tastes rank.

In future I will splash out 2 or 3 syns on the microwave precooked packs and actually have a meal i enjoy.
Did a half hour Zumba dvd last night. Not the most challenging thing athletically speaking, but I really enjoyed it and it has woken my body up a bit, so looking forward to Tkd tonight.

Currently Sat with some eyebrow dye on looking more than a little scary!

Had some passport photos done the other day, and I just looked so FLAT and colourless. It was a real mug shot (and not in the pasta sense).

I think I've been waiting til I lose weight to make an effort with hair etc, but I'm not enjoying looking frumpy. My hair which I'm growing out is an unattractive shade of greeny taupe, my eyebrows are blonde bushes on which I draw the brows on every morning, and my skin is dry and I have dark circles under my eyes.

So, operation 'don't look like a hairy old fright' commences today.
First up eyebrows. I have booked a cut and colour for my hair in the week before Xmas (am thinking strawberry blonde) and I slathered my face in coconut oil last night In an effort to combat the dryness.

Really need some new makeup but haven't the cash for it at the moment. I find a new lipstick so joyful!
Just wanted to say that I love reading your posts, but don't always have time to reply.

Keep it up xxxx
Thanks green-eyed! I worry that I'm not doing it right as I don't post menus or anything, but I'm really not a foody - don't enjoy reading about or looking at pictures of people's dinners, and they certainly wouldn't enjoy looking at mine (pasta with random tomato based sauce anyone? And again? And again?)

I Do like watching bake off, but mainly for the same reason I used to like watching the apprentice - watching other people sweating under unimaginable pressure whilst sipping a cuppa in my onesie.

But if anyone is interested, I had porridge and an orange for breakfast. Not exactly creative or inspirational :)
Have had to order a dress for my works Xmas party, it's twenties themed, so have gone with this


I'm going to look like a right dick.

Have ordered it from Very as it's easier to return than the ones from China on Ebay. Also not too expensive for something that I have no doubt I will NEVER wear again.

I might enjoy buying the accessories though.
Was in two minds about signing up for the Xmas do, but as I only started there in September thought I ought to show willing and integrate. I'm not going to drink though, it's too soon in our relationship for my colleagues to meet drunk Goldi - chocs!
This is so me.

I've been trying all week (well, most of this decade actually) but still feeling like a flume.


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In happier news my husband is cooking diet coke chicken followed by Sw apple flan thing (basically eggs, sweeteners and fruit as so much is on SW).

And I'm ignoring my kids and hiding in my room on my phone like a teenager :)