I'm on a journey, not a wagon - join me!

How was the chicken yesterday? X
Chicken was good.....
Weigh in today was not.


Always happens on week 2 for me.

Talk me down people..........

I'm heading for the same result I think.
Lost loads last week, feeling as though I'm going to sts on weds. But , stay on course and it will show next week.

Have a bad joke, this ones free, the next ones will cost you.

Two satellites got married. The wedding wasn't much, but the reception was incredible.
Thank you for that, needed it I think!
Going to be extra careful this week. Write everything down and weigh and measure properly. Drink water. Cut down on milk. Cut off a limb........
At weigh in last week someone actually took their belt and earrings off.

I tend to wash my hair as I'm sure the grease must weigh about 3lbs.
I sometimes think about just stripping down to my underwear and giving everyone a fright for weigh in. I seem to be great first thing in the morning, after going to the loo, and standing naked on the step of doom. Then by 7.30pm at WI I am often wondering what body part I can cut off.
Loved reading your posts! :)

How is your husband getting on with his weight loss?

He's doing awesome. 11 and a half pounds in 2 weeks.
He's very motivated by competition, that's why regardless of what plan I'm doing I'll still attend weigh in with him :)
So as some of you may have seen, I'm switching to low carb for a week or two, just to check if it's going to help with any losses. Was really bummed out by that Sts so early on.
However, I'm STILL going to attend Sw weigh ins to check on my progress - this is a SECRET diet. As far as anyone else is aware I am extra easying it like a good 'un.

Also, because I promised myself to attend at least 5 weigh ins before grumping off and also to support my husband who is doing really well and the diet seems to be suiting him.
I haven't even really told him what I'm doing, just Said I'm going easy on the pasta and stuff, so that last night when he cooked me a pork chop with a vegetable and bacon sauce he cut all the fat off (noooooooo!).

Also, still no alcohol til after Xmas. It's been 4 weeks now, and it's been fine, so I'm sure I can manage another 4.

Already since making that decision I've felt more relaxed around food. For example, I cooked a big low carb high fat breakfast this morning (cheese omelette and bacon) and I know I won't have to worry about feeling hungry til around 4pm so haven't had to bring loads of food etc with me to work. Also have more energy, so managed to do some step aerobics yesterday. Just 20 mins of a dvd, but it felt good.

Talking of work, I'm planning to skive this afternoon. Life has felt a bit much recently and I need a few hours to myself. Naughty. Bad.
In reality I've taken on a bit much at the moment, 2 different jobs, plus some private clients, plus Tkd training twice a week plus 2 children to parent. But I like each part of this in its own right, even if I find juggling it hellish, so would struggle to decide what to cut back on.

I suffer from the delusion that I think a lot of us do, that somehow life would be better, easier to manage if we were slim. As if a smaller waist makes us more efficient people or something. Or perhaps it's just the 'that would be one less thing to worry about' thing.

I Do spend an inordinately large amount of time considering myself, my looks and my body. And for the last 4 years or so they've mainly been negative thoughts, that can't have been good for me.

Blah blah, ramble ramble. Have a good day everyone
OK, mission secret diet seems to be working. 2.5 off and I haven't been hungry all week.
Hardly the stonking 8 pound loss we all pray for but a respectable one all the same. And on with the meat - munching!
:thankyouthankyou:Good loss
Still here! We missed weigh in last week because life, but braved the scales this week. I've lost another 3.5 which takes me to 8 off in total. Really pleased with that. Feels like I'm making progress, and I hit my mini goal of attending 5 weigh ins.

Still doing low carb, which really does suit me, and still not drinking (which suits me less!)

I mentioned to my husband that it all felt so slow, and he pointed out that as our target was a date next August, there is no real rush. He's right of course.
He has stayed the same, which as he's been having more off days than on for the last fortnight feels like he's dodged a bullet. 2more weigh ins before Xmas as they are running one on Xmas eve!

Keep on keeping on. My goal of getting under 13 stone before going away is not looking likely, as I still weigh 13,6 but I know I'll feel happy just knowing I'm not at my heaviest ever, will feel like I'm making progress as I start the new year :)
Thanks, it feels more important than a weight loss goal in a way, because it's something I have control over.

I have to say, I'm disappointed at the lack of change no alcohol has wrought. I thought by now (nearly two months dry) I'd be all sleek and with glowing skin. The magazines PROMISED me...... Turns out I still look like the wreck of Hesparus, just with less of a headache in the mornings.

Oh well, I guess it will make all those 'after' photos look better (straws being grasped left right and centre here)...
As far as the alcohol goes, your insides will be looking and feeling better for not pickling in it my lovely.
Keep up the good work xx