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Hi, I had a week of eating the speed soup along with eating lots of melon last week. Over the past few weeks my weight loss had slowed down to .5lb off then the next week I put it on again, then I lost 1lb so was getting quite frustrating. I went to weigh in on Monday and lost 3lb! Not sure if it would have happened anyway but I think the soup and melon certainly helped!! X


Strutting her stuff
It's not that the soup is a magic solution to weight loss only that the ingredients are speed and superspeed foods. You could make any food with these ingredients and it would have the same effect. So instead of focussing on the soup, look instead to include as many speed and superspeed foods in your diet.
Im not sure whether this was a good idea or not but I have decided to empty out my cupboards, fridge and freezer and start completely again food wise. So the last couple days I have been have low syn foods but weird combinations just to get the space. What I was aimin to do was start again and freeze my food becuz all the SW recipes that I want to try are for 4 people, but there is only me and my son in the household. I was hoping by doing that, I would have meals for the rest of the week and possibly the following week. What are your thoughts please?
@Circes, how long did it take you to achieve that amazin weightloss?? You are where I would like to be eventually xx
dablaksista, freezing food is a great idea! I wish I could do that more, but I have such a tiny freezer that all I can fit in it is a packet of frozen veg and some quorn mince and then it's full.

Going to sound really dumb here... but you do know that if a recipe is for four, you can just halve the ingredients and cook it for two, right? I do that every day as there's just me and my partner to cook for :)
I tried that when I attempted the diet last year. But it is really hard for me to cook every day, when I got a 16 month old running up and down the house, im a full time uni student and n working.