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I'm really struggling, just can't get back on track.


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Whilst I have a fabulous goal to aim for (fertility treatment in October) I just cannot get my head in gear, I feel like a total failure. I'm going to get weighed again tonight, and I feel like I'm just fobbing off my fab CDC. I can do the odd day 100%, but the next day I can't stick to it. I know I can do this, so why CAN'T I do it?

I'm sorry to sound so negative and crappy, and I know no-one can do this for me, but I do feel as if I need to consider whether I need to leave cambridge diet for a while, and come back to it when my head is 'right', or will I just use that as an excuse to not go back to it.

Work is really stressful at the moment, (but I'm leaving there in a few weeks) but we are also in the final stages of moving house, which is also really stressful. It looks like I'll be finishing work on the thursday, moving on the friday and starting a new job on the monday, which is NOT ideal to say the least.

Food is my crutch. It makes me feel 'good', which is why I'm turning to it more and more recently.

I'm so sorry to whinge, my husband doesn't really get it, and I'm dreading going to get weighed tonight, because it's another week that I've failed at it, and I feel like I'm letting my CDC down.

Gah, I'm crying now.
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ruth hunny dont get upset , we all have times liek this, i am the same as you to be honest, i can not get back into it..

tell me what days do you find the hardest? for me its the first few days untill i am in ketosis, so what i am doing now is having my 3 packs a day plus some chicken, chicken drum sticks, cheese, doc pepper and boullion just to pick at for comfort and to get me into ketosis, because they are low carbs, i am only on day 2 but i feel confident that this will help me.. perhaps this may help you?

and when i am in ketosis i will only require my packs a day as i wont be hungry and needing that comfort.. Because my comfort at the moment is needing the food, i do have some problems but i am working on them..

perhaps have a teddy bear or something for your comfort to hold and to imagine ?

take it hour by hour hun, and also look into the future of becoming pregnant and being healthy :)

wish you all the luck xx

Mrs B

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First of all big (((((hugs))))) Ruth.

I hope you don't mind if I make a suggestion - I am doing 790 now and it is MUCH easier than SS. I'd think about moving up the plans for a while. Either to ease you back into SS, help you through this very stressful period or, if you want, right to the end.

Losses on 790 are about 10lbs a month so you have plenty of time to get your weight down for your fertility treatment.

Don't stress yourself about this, you have other options.

Hi ruth, I know how you feel about getting back to it. I strated back this tues after going of it for a while and having a few breaks. I think it has done me the world of good a wee break today is day 3 i had a small piece of chicken yesterday and the eve before which has helped me loads, like amethyst once i get to ketosis i know il be grand. Maybe just eat healthy untill you start your new job and get settled then think about starting cd again. I know it's soo hard but i also know you can do it. i remember when you first started how well you done etc, you can do it, think about october when u go for food. you dont need food on cd its all in the mind!

becky xxx


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Thank you all so much, you are all amazing, I really don't know what I'd do without you all! Thats what I love about this site, the support is phenomenal.

I love you all!
It is virtually impossible to stick to SS 100% if you're stressed....you have loads going on at the moment, so I'd suggest moving up at least one step to make it easier for you. You can always go back to SS once things have settled down in your life.

The danger of coming off Cambridge for a break means you could potentially put weight on, which would then get you down & put more pressure on you....it's also much harder to re-start (I speak from experience !!!).

A higher calorie step would mean you still have some food (I know chicken & veg etc isn't as much comfort as a choccie bar), but it's still low enough calories for you to lose weight.

Good luck with house move / new job etc !!


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:grouphugg:sending you a big hug. I think you have answered all your questions in your post. Where have you got time to think about dieting with everything else thats going on. There are only 2 solutions i can see for you at the moment. If you SS you could take the worry of food away from all else thats going on and make it even easier by using tetras and bars so you dont have to wonder where you packed the blender. If you did SS you would be a good few lbs lighter by the time you move as well as all the exercise from packing. Or...
put all thoughts of diet out of your mind until you leave work, unpack the most important boxes and get yourself settled in your new job. Even the strongest of people would be struggling to get through all what you're doing.
Whatever you decide, let all of us help you through it. We'll be with you whatever you choose.


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As we mentioned in PMs, we ARE going to do this together. You have my number, use it if you need to.

Having children is the most amazing thing but it would be best to be able to face your fertility treatment stones lighter, healthier and physically ready to become pregnant.

You will make a fab Mummy, I just know it.

Ooh and Dh and I have decided we would like 1 more child (anyone who knows me will be most shocked but I have decided I am incomplete without 1 more small person around), so I would like to lose at least 2 more stone before I start ttc as being pregnant and very overweight is no fun, believe me!

Love me xx
Oooh, i'm getting broody with this baby chat. I was at pool today and there was the most gorgeous baby girl in, she must have been only a couple of weeks old and there's nothing like the sound of a newborn crying to get you maternal. I have to say there is also no chance of me getting another chance as OH is perfectly happy with two DDs and terrified by the thought of 3 hormonal women in the house!

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