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im sad , i want to eat and they found a tumor !!!


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blimey what a day . day 3 going good . not really hungry but you know when you could comfort eat . had my hysterectomy end of jan at age 36 .... you never hear off anybody afterwards .... but being a nurse i accessed my tests etc today on the pc and there was the histology report from my uterus. loads of bits wrong with it , fibroids , adenomyosis and they also reported the removal of a tumour:eek: . no buggar told me , fortunately the last few words on the report say NO MALGNANCIES FOUND:) . so thats a bonus , but its my body , why cant they tell you !!!!:mad:
so im a bit miffed and of course you have the what if questions going thru your head ......... oooh im sure a mars bar would make it all better ..........
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ohh im sorry babe! at least ur okay now! A mars bar will only make it good for 5mins, being slim and fit will last forever! x


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Gosh Mommysue what a shock you have had. I can not understand why no one discussed this with you! Did you have an update from your consultant post Op? I'm glad it's good news you read but all the same you need to know what goes on in your own body! All the best Vxx


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OMG you are having it rough!!!
As Kimmie said a Mars will only make you feel good for a short while, if at all!! Focus on the fact that you are well and how much more enjoyable shopping for new clothes will be!!
Take care and think happy possative thoughts x


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my post op check with the gynae consultant is on wednesday . makes me wonder about still having the ovaries in ...... they may weigh a few ounces !!!!! but then does hrt make you gain weight ??? devil and deep blue sea. i had to google search some of the stuff on the report couldnt understand the big words. lol. btw im having a leek and potty soup,
Crikey! I wonder if they'll tell you at your appointment... you'll have to pretend its a surprise! Step away from the mars bar though, that was only the answer in a past life x


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Speak to them on Wednesday and get them to explain everything in detail until you are happy. Maybe write down questions before and take someone with you ... I always miss bits when I'm upset.
Mommasue, sorry to hear about the tumour, but at least it wasnt malignant. I am sure they will tell you at your review best of luck with that on Wednesday.

BTW I was on HRT treatment re fertility treatment and that made me balloon up, so worth keeping the few oz's for the ovaries :)


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From one foodie cheat to another, don't eat the mars bar!!
I wish you well for your appointment this week.

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