I'm so addicted to this Forum!!


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it's great that your getting motivation from here, that's what it's for. I look on here everyday to read how everyone is doing. If I'm going to be naughty I'll look on here and it stops me!

Really pleased that sf is working 4 you, I'm trying to lose a few pounds but also find sf great for maintaining unlike other diets I've tried. But that's me pesonally not everyone!

Good luck with the challenges :0)
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Yes the maintaining element that SF enables in you is deffinately rare! Thats why i'm on it too!

Don't worry about being active - thats what the forums there for! Or at least i hope so!


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I totally feel the same way, I think id have given up already if it wasnt for this forum, just wish id have found it before :)


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i am here for motivation aswell. I am the bigest I evr been need to get rid of it


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its keeping me going to all hail the forum x