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I'm soooo embarassed by my dog!!


Radix lecti
I have a 6yr old GSD full male. We have kenneled him at the same place since he was a puppy. All the dogs play together and sleep together normally.
Last time he was there a female rottie was placed there as she came into season apparently without the owner or the kennel owner knowing. alledgedly my previously virginal dog took full advantage of the situation :eek:
Anyway, no harm done and we returned home, he has been fine and showed no change in behaviour, goes out with a dog walker occassionally and no problems.
This weekend we put him in the kennels again, went to collect on Sunday to be informed that he had been a complete pain in the ar$e all weekend, had jumped on anything that moved including a 16 yr old lab who didn't move much at all and even tried a jack russell, had tried both male and female and had been willing to fight to get what he wanted :eek:
Consequentially, he was seperated from the other dogs all weekend and so proceeded to howl all night long and attack and scratch the door to get to the other dogs. It is a family run business and so none of them got any sleep, including their young children :(
Now i appreciate he is a pack animal and doesn't like to be on his own and he was only doing what comes naturally but i am like WTF!! This is completely unlike him, he is a very quiet dog normally and it's like jekyll and hyde - he has shown absolutely no inkling of this behaviour at home and has obviously decided this place is the local bordello for his entertainment. However we were told (in the nicest way) please don't ever bring him back....
So now, i am stuck without boarding he is familiar with and the propsect of putting in a new place with more possible behaviour like this or the type of kennels i don't really want to use where he will spend the time in a cage. That or no more holidays without the dog. What a nightmare - i am still speechless really and can't believe he acted like that...
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Poor you. I suppose you could argue it was therefore fault for having a dog there that was in season - I know they did not know but surely they could have separated her from him last year.

Good luck


Radix lecti
Castration might sort him out. We had our dog done and it worked a treat.
yes I'm beginning to think that, we didn't have him done initially as he is kennel club registered and we may have considered breeding from him but he has a number of health problems so we wouldn't do that but i am a bit reluctant to put him through that now he is older as he hasn't displayed this behaviour in any other environment

Poor you. I suppose you could argue it was therefore fault for having a dog there that was in season - I know they did not know but surely they could have separated her from him last year.
Yes, i was a bit "well this is a monster you created" :rolleyes: but that wouldn't really have helped and i was trying to back away quickly at the time:eek:. As you say, if they had seperated them immediately before, we may not have had this issue, but it was all treated as a bit of a joke by the kennels at the time (but probably not for the rottie owners if she fell!!)

I just think it is going to be a bit of a nightmare putting him somewhere where he will settle and my husband (it's his baby) will be happy to leave him and all because he behaved like a typical manical male for once in his life :sigh:


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i would definatly get him castrated soon as.its just his instinct,im sure he doesnt really know whats going on either. if he had never covered a ***** before that time with the rott he didnt know what he was missing thats why hes ready to hump anything now:giggle:

he may also start activly trying to get to other bitches,eg getting out your garden,running away on walks,etc...
castrated males are much easyier to live with and much more responsive to you because they arnt to busy thinking females all the time.

good luck :D
I would hold off the castration. Do you have a friend with a dog that could look after him when you're away and you return the favour? Getting his bits chopped off seems a bit drastic when he is fine in the park with other dogs.


Radix lecti
Actually he has been fine ever since, although we have kennelled him since. I think he had just associated that place with sex following his previous experience. ;)
We have arranged for a friend to stay the weekend when we are next away so will see how that goes.
His bits are still intact at the moment :D


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If you have no plans to breed from him i would strongly advise castration anyway the risk of testicular cancer in male dogs is sooooooo high and i personally wouldnt run the risk. A castration is a simple operation and they are usually out the same day if god forbid he got cancer the outlook wouldnt be as clear cut. I cant see you have anything to lose by having it done ;)


Radix lecti
hhmm, i tend to agree. Our last GSD wasn't castrated and later in life got a couple of prostate infections which is more likely un uncastrated males but the stumbling block is DH. He says he is worried it will change the dogs personality but i think it is a bit more than that, is a empathy thing maybe :rolleyes:


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Yeah probably is for blokes lol. Honestly i have never known a dogs behaviour to change for the worst after castration unless they have aggression problems to start with, if anything they calm down even more. There is plenty of advice on the internet if OH needs convincing of the fact :D:D

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