IM soooooo cold


Is thinking positive!
I have been on this diet for 25/26 weeks now, And I must say I am constantly cold to :( Everyday I put 3 pairs of socks on and layers of clothes and I am still freezing :p


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freezing too - worse is to come cos apparently this weekend is going to be the coldest ever. I blame the water. I feel like i have a large ice cube in my stomache!


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im always cold!!! not fun!

i felt like a 7 year old last night walking around with my covers around me lol


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Im not hitting the coldness too bad yet thankfully.
But i prefer to be to cold that too warm.


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I'm cold too.........I constantly wear a hoodie in the hubby thinks I'm planning on going out on the rob!! lol.

I know, I know, I know not all hoodies rob!!


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How do you keep it going. It must be mind over matter.