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Im soooooo Hungry

Its only my 2nd day... and I am struggling!

I am so hungry and its taken every bit of will power I have to not have a huge mouthfull of the kids bolognase!

Can't wait for my dinner shake now! It would be so much easier if I had no one else to worry about... I would have nothing in the house to tempt me then!

Please tell me this gets easier each day!
any advice fromthose who have done the 1st few days - what did you do to get by?

Also CDC said chewing gum was ok - what hve you all been told?
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it does get easier. on many of my restarts i always found day 2 the hardest. ketosis is just round the corner and the hungar pangs should go. whatever you do dont touch the kids tea, you will just be guilty afterwards soo not worth it. i kept myself busy,. went walking/ drive. hid upstairs when dinner time etc bath do your nails!

you can have sugar free chewing gum but only chew for a wee while then get rid as it can make you feel hungry hth becky x
Why not split the sachets in two, thus having 6 drinks of CD during those first few days. Plus your minimum 2.25 litres of fluid.
You can do it, just get past the first few days and to your first weigh-in and the rest is easy.
Thanks Becky... :thankyou:

I can't wait until the kids are in bed so that I can relax in a hot bath and maybe get an early night....

Hmmm - splitting the pack sounds like a good Idea... That means I coudl have 2 hot cholates this evening... hmmm sounds like a plan! thanks
Ive only been on Cambridge (sole source) for 2 weeks but already I dont feel hunger like I did when I started - when ketosis kicks in it will be so much easier, and hopefully you'll get yourself in to a little routine too which helps.. Good luck and kee smiling :) xxx
Well I am chuffed today!

Was feeling a bit ill last night and thought I was gonna have a horrid day - feel a bit lathargic but ok!

Now I know I have only been doing this for about 2 days and I am not supposed to weigh myself until Tuesday but Icould not help myself....

I have already lost 2.5 lbs..... Yipeeeee - just what I needed to keep me going:happy036:

hope you are all doing well today and the new starters are coping
See, you can do it.
Just wait for that first CDC weigh-in and that will inspire you to continue with ease.
The end result will be worth it.


Fat busting crime fighter
just tell yourslef that your first week is going to be really hard. Its like a punishment to yourself but then all cold turkey treatments are hard ;) Next week will be much better espesh when you see how much weight has dropped off.

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