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I'm struggling help!


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Hi Hun, I'm on day 3 and finding it difficult as well, drinking plenty of water between the shakes help tho. Speaking to people on here it does get easier as soon as you get into ketosis stage, thats normally after the first couple of days, stick with it and wait until you get on the scales, it will be worth it i'm sure. xxx


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Thanks! Made it over that blip and feeling a bit better
I'm having the soup tonight which I hope will feel a bit more like a proper dinner. I'm a bit gutted as it's my only soup for the whole week.

I'm kind of dreading the weekend, especially with my unsupportive husband. He's already ordered me to eat (he got a right earful) and I bet he decides that he really wants to take the kids to mc d or something.
I will get through, raaah!!
Hi Lisaberry
Sorry you are finding it so difficult at the moment, I know I did at the beginning too. I do the same with the soup, I have it every evening so I feel like I am having 'dinner' if you know what I mean. It does get easier, just keep reminding yourself why you are doing it and once ketosis kicks in you will feel a lot better. Hopefully when you are feeling a bit better in yourself and start to lose the weight your husband may see that it is doing you good and be more supportive. Mine was a bit funny in the beginning but after I talked to him I realised he was just worried about me. Best of luck anyway, you can do it. :)

I meant to say, your Chemist should swap your meals around if you want them to (mine does anyway) so if you want more soups you should be able to get them.


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Yeah I was thinking of giving the chemist a toot in the morning to see if they have any...I don't think they keep many spares though

The soup was pretty grim but stupid as it sounds that was quit good because it took longer to eat than it took dh to eat his pizza so I didn't sit there looking at him munching!

I'm feeling far more positive this evening. I'm not hungry and now the kids are in bed I can just watch some trashy tv

Mmmm think I might have a vanilla latte in the morning - def my fave so far!


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Oh god, kids tea time again. I was so in the habit of 'tasting' everything that it's hard to break.
It's making me feel hungry but I really don't think I am

I just keep thinking that I won't feel like this forever and one tiny taste makes these past few days for nothing!

Be strong Lisa!!!

Lol, once I get to my target and can eat again I don't think I'll ever think healthy food is boring again!!


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It's now been 3 hours since my last shake and in not even hungry!
I'm quite looking forward to my last one as I'm planning on trying adding coffee to the chocolate one.
Tomorrow night I might try one hot

For me it seems the key is keeping out the kitchen, as soon as I go near food I want it.
Shame dh is so useless at cooking!


Here we go again!
You'll have to teach hubby how to cook! Mine is currently chopping veggies for a roast tonight for him and my daughter. He can now cook the whole meal from scratch! Said when I'm off this he will carrying on with it and cook me my first roast, can't wait! I'm lucky though, he's very keen to learn to cook.


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It's never going to happen! I walked in the kitchen yesterday to him serving raw porridge with warm milk to my baby daughter even though the instructions are written on the box.

He does alot of housework but very much believes cooking is down to the woman!

I'm over the cooking issue anyway (at the minute) so I don't mind!

Actually I'm feeling pretty good at the minute, currently shocked at the amount of food I would eat without realising it!


Here we go again!
I think one of the best things about this diet is making you realise how much you used to eat when you weren't even hungry or didn't even know you were eating!

I used to put so much food in my mouth when I wasn't really thinking about it. Just because it was there and then it was gone!

Glad you're over the cooking business, it does get easier the longer you do this.


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Hmmm, I'm hungry again this morning???
Maybe it's because I haven't had my coffee yet? Had nearly a litre of water though
hi it gets way better i cook all the time now and dont even bother to touch it.
all u need is the smell try eat the peanut bars im on them 5 months now and find it a lot easier as u are still eating. keep going it gets easy

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