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im stupid

Chin up Dizzy

Tomorrow is another day! forget today and power on!! cradle and lovee your milkshakes and things... lol

I have just sat in the kitchen with the rest of the family, cuddling my Banana shake, whilst watching them eat, i am proud that i didnt eat any...
I'd kill for some food right now. Shakes just aren't filling me up today.

Hope your evening goes better.


WILL be Slim!
fallen off the wagon, just had oven chips and nuggets.

They wernt even worth it.

So angry at me right now!
rather than shout at yourself for doing it, question WHY you did it....! Its a lot more productive that the crap you will put yourself through! Make sure you have your quota of shakes/soups today too for nutrition

I'd kill for some food right now. Shakes just aren't filling me up today.

Hope your evening goes better.
hun, you dont need "filling" up...its just a mental thing! Think about those outfits and clothes your going to buy when you get to goal...thats far more fun than any food will ever be! :D:D:D:D:D
oi dizzy we are in this together :)

it's just a minor incident, turn it around positively, as you said it wasn't worth it and you know you can make it on this diet

everyone has a lapse at some point i'm sure so don't be down on yourself :D
There's no way you will have refilled all your glycogen stores with nuggets and chips, so just a few hours and you should be back in ketosis and this will just have been a blip, as long as you resist the temptation to now stuff your face with anything and everything. Remember how bad you feel now, and use the knowledge next time you want to nibble. These are all things that I think every dieter is struggling to realise and put into practice, I know I find it hard to do.

Good luck x
Oh no dizzy. The chips will have definately knocked you of ketosis but that may be all.
Bless you it happens to all of us (as you know.;)) Heres to today and being good:D
I didnt pig out after this incident, i went to bed safest way! lol.
Il forget about lastnite and glug down the water!
iv not checked to see if im in ketosis or not, prob not, il check tomorrow!
damn nuggets! and chips! lol.


One day at a time!
Well done for not binge-ing - it's not easy once you've had a slip up. You'll feel great if you stay on-track today so glug away!!
Hi dizzy

Hope that you are back on track now. I can remember falling off the Lighterlife wagon for a kebab, which wasn't nice at all.
Keep up your CD journey, it will be soooo worth it! x
Ah Dizzy,forget and move on love,sounds like you already are and well done on your weight loss in week 1,i'm on day 8 and lost 8lbs and have a wedding (day and eve) and bbq to go to over the weekend so will be taking my shakes and lots of bottles of water-they are my best friends at the mo lol xx

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