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Image Therapy


Lover of Extra Easy
I enjoy it, and even though I am at target I find that it is very useful and inspirational.
You get all the support when needed, which is a huge boost when you feel you are starting to stray and fantastic cheer when doing well, which is a real ego builder,
I think it's a big must. For me, anyway.


I agree ^^^ I dreaded it when I first started but to be honest now its what keeps me going.

I am not ashamed to say I now love it even the happy clappy bits :D

I have met some great people whose stories are almost identical to mine, its the one place where I know people will genuinely understand my battle with the weight and I can talk witout feeling embarrassed.


Strutting her stuff
Yes the happy clapping can be a bit cringeworthy but it's worth getting past that because you can gain lots of hugely valuable information and advice by listening to other people's experiences.
Oh god yeah, there is a woman in my class who has lost 5st 2lb and she is amazing, such a massive inspiration. Its amazing when you can actually notice your class-mates loosing weight, very inspitatonal indeed.
I enjoy it - I go to SW with 3 girlfriends and we always try to stay to class - we're pretty lucky, the class is fairly young as is the consultant so we do tend to laugh more than "happy-clap".
i enjoy it but our group is different to any group i'gve ever been to and we discuss stuff instead of just so and so lost this.
i do find though if u don't stay for class u think if i have a gain its ok cause no one will know if u stay for class u have to face up to it which might seem embrassing at the time but those that don't stay could give up have way though the week if they r having a bad week and think oh well know one will know if i gain next week i'll start again next week but sometimes this can become a pattern. if u stay to class u may struggle but u might tell yourself to get back to it cause everyone will know and that feeling u get from telling everyone u have gained usually pushes u on. plus if u r struggling they can help.
I am not keen on image therapy, I like listening to everyone else's 'story' most of the time, but some weeks I am not wanting to share my week:sigh: and some weeks it goes on and on and on and on.

I have told me SW woman how I feel and she said not a problem she will just bypass me if it encouraged me to stay each week:)
I wasn't sure at first, and everyone seems to know each other in my group and I sit on my own, but I do think it helps me. I learn more about syns and recipes and keeps me on track. I find my C very supportive too.
I love going to mine, the other members of the group are so nice and supportive, they really have helped me when I've felt like giving in- they have kept me going. I have even met a 'slimming buddy' in my group.

And I do think being asked how you got on in weigh in by others keeps me motivated because I dread having to say I didn't loose/gain and on other hand look forward to being able to say I did loose.
I stayed the first week and then did not stay last week as I had a stinking headache and there were six or seven screaming kids racing around in a circle, got out of there to lay in a dark room.

Am going to try and make the effort to stay next week though to see what its about.
i mostly like it except when the group is large because then it gets really long and kind of boring (sorry). i don't know how weight watchers works here, but i miss the "teaching" element that they did at WW at least in the states. each week was some kind of topic. SW focuses on image therapy which is also important, but i almost wish it could be every-other week rather than weekly. it's too much sometimes.
Agree with MJCD - I T is important but I much prefer the weeks when we are discussing a particular topic rather than just the going round the group with who's lost how much etc.

I always stay to IT because it's such a social event and a group of us go out to a local cafe for lunch after. Looking forward to tomorrow's group as we are doing a recipe swap, so hopefully lots of new ideas to add to my ever growing repertoire:D


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