In anyone else in Ketosis but still Hungry?

miss jelly tot

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Ive had a few journeys on the CD train. Each time I have been in ketosis by the end of day 2 and never not been hungry.

It's day 5 for me and this time round and im starving, last night in bed it was really bad. I could actually eat the box my shakes came in (I'm sure carboard must be low in carbs!:rolleyes:)
Anyone else like this?
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Lovin it !!! :)
I often feel hungry & I'm 4 weeks in !!!! Its usually when I have had a long gap between shakes etc & soon goes off as soon as I have something. Despite being VLCD, our bodies will still tell us when the next "fix" is due. I don't think I got into Keto real properly for about 2 weeks tbh.


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I'm on day 15 and I get hungry too. I have to space my packs and SS+ meal out evenly otherwise my blood sugar gets too low.


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Yes, I get hungry from time to time but probably don't drink enough water in between foodpacks. Takes me about a week to get into ketosis.


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I get the odd hunger pang...think its very normal..well it must be as enough of us complain about it!

miss jelly tot

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S: 13st12lb
I dont normally get it thats what bothering me. I can hear the loaf of bread shouting...but I wont give in


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I'm starving too - it's a few days before my TOTM and I'm SOO hungry!!


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I don't think I get physically hungry, but I get psychologically hungry! I think ooh I'd like this, or I see something and want it when I'm not that hungry, and I've still got shakes to go, just want it. If that makes sense! I'm sure I've seen KD write somewhere that even once you're in ketosis, it takes about 2 weeks for your body to really get into the groove of it.