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In need of help.

I am in terrible pain right now...i know alot of people have been having a bit of trouble but this is bordering on stupid. Its got to a point where im thinking about giving it all up because the pain is that intense and its starting to affect the way i feel all the time.
If i peel a chicken nugget and eat it so it will help shift my insides will it take me out of ketosis.
I've tried senekot and fibreclear and nothings doing the job..is chicken the only answer. Im really in so much pain i was crying earlier.
Please help xxxxx
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hi, the fibre clear does nothing for me, try taking a couple more senokot if you can, if that dont work by morning and you are in so much pain i would consult a doctor.
peppermint tea, more peppermint tea, and then some pepper mint tea.... chicken nuggett, peeled or not... is minging... the salts fat, tissue bones and sometimes clots and ulcers that are used to make chicken nuggets are truly disgusting..... get as much hot water into you and drink peppermint tea, it will help your large intestine stop retracting and will make you move x
never had these issues but as said chicken nuggets would be a big no no to me

hope it gets sorted out
Thankyou everyone..i did manage in the end but i hope that never happens again - i even bled a little bit too :(. But you have all been really great im now starting on the hot water and hot coffee. You will scream at me tasha i havent even tried peppermint tea yet and im on week 4 now lol. :) xxxxx
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I use psyllium husk capsules.

Not 100% sure they're allowed on LT. They are used in atkins during induction so I assume they're okay. You take 2, three times a day with lots of water and they add bulk to your diet. They work really well for me and I am still losing a respectable amount each week.

You can get them from Holland and Barrat.



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I agree with the peppermint tea - i had one cup and woke up in the middle of the night needing to go!!!!its really good :D

Glad to hear you are ok now :)


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Are you drinking all your water? Sorry if this is a silly question, that is what the water is for, to stop the dehydration, the constipation and the hunger...other things to try are pure psyllium husks in warm water every day before bedtime...if you are suffering considerable constipation you may have to use the fibre every day...this would not affect ketosis as far as I am aware...just to keep you regular and keep the water going as well...water plus extra fibre should help...
I have been drinking 2 litres plus all the coffee. I might try it with an extra litre this week and see what happens. I was having 3 litres sometimes 4 last week and i was still the same so it might just be the crap i used to feed into my face everyday...Thankyou for the advice though its been useful and i shall take it all on board. xxxxx


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If it's that painful, get some anusol. Lol- trust me, after having a baby, you will buy anything to stop the pain for the 1st few days after having it! It will numb the area and therefore stop any localised pain. Lol
Hope you get going soon! xx


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I had the same problem last week. I bled like mad and did cry...lots!! I used dulcoease to soften everything and I agree 100% that pile cream is a godsend!!

Claire xx


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I know the feeling I haven't been in over a week :-(

Going to try n get something tomorrow

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