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Inch Loss and Family Issues

My family is very supportive luckily - I am at uni so I guess when they see me they really notice the weight loss again, and mention it :)

It seems to be a very common theme on Minimins (across all the different groups) - unsupportive family. I have no advice on it, other than that it is clearly jealousy.

Think of us as your internet weight loss family - we'll support you!
Thank you for replying Sarah. I'm in such a mixed mood right now. I cried after the phone call and I couldn't be sure if it's because I was happy or sad. My family have been on at me for years to lose weight and when I used to cry about it they'd basically 'suck it up and go on a diet'. Now I actually have, they see me as some kind of threat.

Minimins is definitely my weight loss family :)
You have done brilliantly and it is just jealousy. I used to get it from a former friend we were gym buddies but I was losing weight quicker then her so she'd say things to me to get me down. This was just before I met my fiancé and she'd say things like I'm so glad I've got a bf. I don't know how you'll get one. So I started going without her then I've had my baby and am happier than I could ever be. Maybe don't mention it to her again just carry on you might slip and you wouldn't want to do that since you have done so well x
I have the same situation...sort of. Whilst my family are supportive of me if I actually start showing results (not just weight loss, but anything) then they support me..its just the first initial period because i'm a very whimsical person and rarely stick to anything. Plus I always feel like I'm being constantly compared to my brother - we both have a lot of achievements in different areas, but I'm the "screw-up sibling" as my friend puts it.

It was a long road, but I finally learnt that a group of supportive friends can more than make up for a lack of supportive family. As the adage goes, you can choose your friends but you can't choose your family. To that extant, as much as it hurts, reserve your victories for yourself and the people who won't put you down. You do not need such negativity when you're losing weight: its already stressful and emotional. Plus also, all it is, is jealousy on your mum's part. My nan always says 'Jealousy is a fools game', nobody benefits from it, so try to ignore it - though I understand how incredibly hard this is.
Thank you ladies. I agree with you, I think it is jealousy on her part. I kind of knew what the reaction would be before I even called her but a little part of me hoped she'd be able to share in my happiness. Not many people know about my weight loss as I find it hard to talk about it without sounding like a diet bore. Only my closest friends and family know about my journey. I guess I am even more limited in who I can share this with. Luckily my partner is wonderful. But sometimes you just want to talk to your Mum y'know?
Yeah absolutely. I know what you mean. But this is a situation which is just going to drag you down until/if your mum learns and recognises what she's doing to you. You can always vent/jubilate here if you must =)

By the way, congrats on your weight loss. Absolutely amazing, well done!

On a completely different note, I think jubilate should be used as a verb more often...


Got To Keep Counting :D
CONGRATULATIONSSSSS :) your doing amazing! Ignore your mum. If shes jelous she obviously can see results. Her jelousy will only make you work harder at your diet. Be happy your doing so well :D keep smiling x
What an amazing loss... GO YOU!!! xxx
... oh and fluff everyone else!!! xxx

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