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  1. skinhead

    skinhead Full Member

    Hey just wondering if anyone knows the pp of chicken dhansak from Indian takeaway? Or garlic naan medium sized
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  3. aylaolivieri

    aylaolivieri New Member

    If anyone knows sliming world for chicken korma from take away would be good too.
  4. vgstar44

    vgstar44 Full Member

    As per Eating out guide chicken dhansak is 30pp nothing about garlic nan but plain is 12pp , peshwari is 18pp.
  5. vgstar44

    vgstar44 Full Member

    not sure about slimming world but its 24pp for chicken korma
  6. claire-louise1990

    claire-louise1990 Full Member

    Hi guys I pointed 24 points for chicken korma last week but then when my new weight watchers eating out guide came it's actually gone up to 50pp. And plain naan has gone up to over 20'pp :(
  7. lunavix

    lunavix Full Member

  8. claire-louise1990

    claire-louise1990 Full Member

    I know I couldn't believe it Hun. It's in my new pro points book in black and white. I read I about five times thinking I was misreading it lol. Give me a we I'll upload the indian page in my weight watchers book x
  9. claire-louise1990

    claire-louise1990 Full Member

    So here goes:


    Chicken sheesh kebab: 9
    Chicken shashlick 8
    Chicken tikka 7
    Dahl soup 4
    Lamb sheekh kebab 10
    Meat samosa 9
    Onion bhaji 9
    Prawn puri 23
    Tansies chicken quarter 12
    Tandoori king prawn 8
    Vegetable samosa 7

    Main course balti:

    Chicken 21
    Chicken korma 53
    Chicken tikka masala 55
    Dahl 20
    Lamb 24

    Main course - chicken:

    Biryani 35
    Ceylon 20
    Dhansak 19
    Dopiaza 24
    Jelfrazi 21
    Kashmir 51
    Korma 50
    Madras 22
    Pasanda 59
    Saag 22
    Tikka masala 54
    Vindaloo 24

    Main course - king prawn :

    Madras 20
    Tandoori king prawn 10
    Vindaloo 22

    Main course lamb:

    Biryani 39
    Korma 40
    Pasanda 64
    Rogan josh 30

    Main course - prawn:

    Biryani 33
    Ceylon 18
    Dhansak 17
    Dopiaza 23
    Jalfrazi 21
    Kashmir 50
    Korma 49
    Madra 19
    Pasanda 59
    Saag 20
    Vindaloo 22

    Main course - vegetarian :

    Vegetable biryani 36
    Vegetable curry 11

    Side orders :

    Aubergine bhaji 22
    Bombay potatoes 15
    Cauliflower bhaji 14
    Chapati 2
    Cucumber raita (per tablespoon) 1
    Keema naan 27
    Lentil dhal 14
    Line pickle (per teaspoon) 1
    Mango chutney (per teaspoon) 1
    Mushroom bhaji 14
    Paratha 14
    Peshwari naan 30
    Pilau rice 10
    Plain basmati rice 8
    Plain boiled rice 8
    Plain naan 23
    Poppadom (each) 4
    Saag aloo 18
    Stuffed paratha 15
    Tandoori roti 9

    * please note the pro prints values for all Mains other than biryani dishes are without rice or other accompaniments.

    Hi guys I have uploaded this as tees have gone up so much this year. I have just spent ages typing all this up copying it from my 2014 weight watcher eating out guide. Please take a minute to read it as some have gone up dramatically.

  10. lunavix

    lunavix Full Member

    Does that mean all propoints have been recalculated?
  11. claire-louise1990

    claire-louise1990 Full Member

    I'm not sure I don't think so it says in te book that thy have actually gone and spoke to people in indian restaurants and seen exactly what they have in the recepies so they have calculated more accurately xx
  12. lunavix

    lunavix Full Member

    Ah ok then. Hopefully my much loved wagamamas is the same as they were done on nutritional info I think. Thanks x
  13. skinhead

    skinhead Full Member

    Wow thanks!
  14. claire-louise1990

    claire-louise1990 Full Member

    No prob guys :) enjoy x
  15. Welshsparkle

    Welshsparkle Silver Member

    This is brilliant, thank you x

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