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Yes. You can.
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Hi is now 70 quid a week...but that is all you will spend, you wont be buying grocerys, snacks, etc.

The infor meeting is casual. We watched a DVD, and had a brief chat, picked up forms, looked at some success stories, etc. Very laid back.

Every meeting is different. Our LLC gave us exercises (mental) to practice , just going over how we react and realt to different experiences, people and food, etc. They used to show a dvd but I thikn that has stopped. It is really just chatting, learning the CBT therapy and sharing with each other.

Its very good and very fast - but if you do it, you really need to be mentally prepared for it....just wrap your head around saying goodbye to food temporarily, and accept that that is just what has to be done, and it is much easier then you might expect.

Why not go along to an info session, just see what youthink. No cost, and no obligation. :)

Have a look at their website to, there are some good video testimonials, etc. :)

Good luck with your decision!



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Just to add a bit more to BL's excellent explanation, if you still have weight to lose after the 100 days you can remain on abstinence (food packs, bars etc) or alternatively you can move on to RTM (route to management) where you learn to eat the right things and also find your trigger foods (the ones that make you overeat) over a 12 week period, again this will all be expained by your LLC.
Good luck with whatever you decide