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inspiration for a newbie, and veggie pleeease!

Hi, this is for any veggies out there....., i just joined SW got quite a lot to lose, but am vegetarian, easy peasy on green days you would think, but am really stuck on what to eat instead of my lovely cheese...... which is why i am here i suppose, any tips or ideas as to what you normally have in a day would be fantastic if you dont mind....Please????
thank you, linda :wave_cry:
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I'm a big fan of vegetable dishes and love the Morrocan Vegetable Stew that was in the SW mag a little while ago, its great served with couscous, really filling - would you like the recipe?

I can't offer any advice about cheese as I don't really have it much but I recently added the new Philadephia Light with Sweet Chilli (57g as my A box), with Ryvita as my B box, with sliced tomato on top its a really nice snack.


Vegetarian who lives2eat
As I said to another poster smash pizza is fab , yes you still use cheese but it is a fab meal and you can pile the veggies on, sw quiche is so easy and great for lunch, hot or cold.
Hiya Catfish :wavey:

No reason you cannot enjoy your cheese with this fab recipe. It is sooo cheesey! :drool:


I have been doing SW for 11 weeks now and am never bored, never hungry. I have been eating curry, chilli, cheesy bakes, cheeseburgers, chips, roasties, pizzas.....loads and all veggie. Making Thai quorn curry tonight. If you like quorn, much of the range is free on green days.

There are loads of ideas on this site. Look out for *honey's recipe thread which is mainly veggie. And there is a veggie slow cooker thread too. Reading food diaries and the "What's for tea tonight?" thread will give you lots of ideas.

Watch out for the some the processed slimming foods as they sometimes take out the fat and add hooves etc!

Good luck Catfish and see you around x
Aww thanks girls, all your support and help is really appreciated, i was just worried that i would be eating jacket spuds for ever, and i realise that i just need to do a bit of hunting around this site gathering recipes to make my day a bit more interesting food wise!! thanks again, catfish XX


Slimming World
Hey Catfish,

I am sort of veggie but eat a bit of fish for health reasons. But I am a veggie at heart! - so mostly have green days. Last night I made the falafel from the Slimming World website and it was amazing. To go with it I had a pitta and some feta for healthy extras as well as a massive cous cous and rocket salad with beetroot in. I also made some yogurt and mint sauce dressing and "houmous" made from chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice and fat free fromage frais. It tasted just as good if not better from the Falafel I used to buy from the supermarket. Give it a go!

I will post any other recipes I come up with on here as I have another veggie friend who is also doing Slimming World so she has sent me loads of recipes too!
Hello Catfish! I am not a veggie but must say I do tend to eat a lot of veggie foods, especially when I'm at work.

Recently I have been relying heavily on chickpeas and lentils. If I'm having a salad I just add a few chickpeas to it to bulk it out a bit....helps me to not feel like I'm just eating rabbit food!

Oh and you can still have cheese!! Check out all the reduced fat ones....you can have 42g of it per day....amazing!!

Hope that helps....and good luck with your SW journey!!
Hello I have been a veggie for a very long time now :) one of my super quick meals is:

2 packs of noodles (You can use any kind just don't use the sauce) I use Sainsbury's basics I find one is too few and 2 can be quite a lot but they are yummy
Handful of quorn chicken style pieces
3/4 pint veggie stock
1/2 pack of stir fry my favourite at the moment is Asda Edamame stir fry :)

I cook the quorn pieces in my wok with some fry light, and some of the veggie stock - I think it gives it flavour, and in a saucepan cook the noodles in the rest of the stock

when the noodles are almost done turn them out, add the stir fry to the quorn and cook for about four mins, I then add the noodles, and the stock if there is any left over and stir it all up

add some black pepper, some soy sauce anything you like and serve

it is a huge amount of food, and so quick and yummy, my other half always salivates when I have this!!!

I also love the ainsley Harriot quinoa and basmati rice, it's about 1 syn (I think for the whole pack) but very favourful, and quinoa is so good for you, again with veggies and quorn

I also love noodle soup, which I use tofu, noodles and veggies - to name a few :)
Hey Catfish :)

I'm a newbie and a veggie too, so will try to help you out a bit if I can.

Most days I have soup, quorn stir fries, pasta or rice. A big plate of SW chips goes down a treat on a saturday night too :rolleyes: But one of my faves is 'nachos'. I make them with ryvita from HEB, salsa and cheese from HEA. It's a snack really, but sometimes I have it as a main with a big fruit salad for dessert. xxx
Hi Catfish, and welcome. I'm fairly new too and veggie. Don't worry, you won't be missing cheese at all on SW! I either use it in a recipe, or just have it on top of my meal eg. pasta. Good luck!
I found this recipe in morrisons (one of their recipe cards) & just made it slimming world friendly :D

It's really yummy mmm nom

Quorn tikka

Green- (½ heb for oil)


Inch of ginger (chopped)
1 clove garlic (chopped)
1 small chilli (chopped)
1 tbsp chopped corriander
1-2 tsp of tikka masala powder
Half a packet of quorn pieces (or however much you want)
1 tablespoon olive oil (½ heb)
Handful of mushrooms (roughly chopped)
Small onion (chopped)
Salt & pepper
Couple of tbsp of fromage frais
1 tsp of paprika

Chop ginger, garlic, chilli, corriander, & mix together with olive oil, salt, pepper & tikka powder then marinate the quorn for a couple of hours (can be left overnight).

Fry the onions, mushrooms & paprika in fry light then when softened add the quorn with the marinade & cook until browned.
Once cooked take off the heat & add the fromage frais to taste. Make sure the mixture isn't too hot because the ff can curdle (happened to me the last time i made this :cry:)
Serve with rice J

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