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  1. Alexa93

    Alexa93 New Member

    Hi im new to this minimins, but not to slimming world, ive stopped and started so many times i just cant seem to stick to diets. I know this works and ive seen it work on numerous people i know and feel slightly jealous that i never continued! Ive cooked loads of delicious sw meals but still seem to get bored! Just finished my 3 colour carbonara (i used my hxa for phili as i cant stand quark) and it was gorgeous! Can anyone add some inspiration for me, need a kick up the backside if im honest
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  3. yoyo1986

    yoyo1986 Full Member

    Come over to the slimming world board, I have yoyo'd (hence the name lol) for the last 3 years on the scales but now on slimming world and its so easy, loads of inspiration on here, im 3lb down from monday (serial weigher in my first week lol) and can see me reachig my 10st 6lb goal, only 3 stone to go :) xx good luck xx
  4. neraksarrab

    neraksarrab Full Member

    set small goals and aim to stick to the plan using time, not weight, as your measure of success. I never mind dieting, but always give up too soon. thats why i've set 3 months as my goal
  5. sagagr

    sagagr Member

    I thing i am also in same condition as you are only thing is i find my way by my own rather would say i create on my own. So you need to have inspiration who can helps you to guide you in certain situation which coming your life then i can help you on this part.
    share what you want to need...
  6. maddyshambles

    maddyshambles Member

    I get bored too! Aim for slow weight loss if you can't do without tasty food and snacks

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