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  1. dol7247

    dol7247 Full Member

    Hi everyone
    I have only just joined today asome fter searching through the internet for somd much needed help (i'm desperate) I noow have an appointment to see a cd councillor on monday after looking at lipotrim, lighterlife this seemed to have what i needed. Basically i just wanted to say how great you all are and i finally feel that i can now talk to people who know exactly what it feels like to be overweight. i have tried every diet and now after having a baby 7 months ago and now having extra weight to lose i rreally feel i can do it. Even if i just manage to log on every now and then and see some insppirational stories i know this will help. Sorry if i'm gibbering on but almost feel excited that this time i will do it with this forum as my help.X will let you know when i start but the next dilemma my birthday next week so think maybe day after what do you think x
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  3. Gen

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    Hiya Dol

    I know exactly what you mean and believe me this will be the last diet you take on cos it works miracles!!!

    I think starting the day after your birthday would be a brill idea, what a great birthday pressie for ya!!

    how much would you like to lose with CD??

    Gen xx
  4. dol7247

    dol7247 Full Member

    Hi ya
    ideally i would like to loose 5 stone that would be just perfect. As soon as i feel alive again and have got my va voom back would be great if you know what i mean. just hope this works for me as i dont want to stop myself doing things anymore, and i definately do not want my son to suffer when he's a bit older and wants me to go swimming i want to be excited and not dread it and spend nights worrying how best to cover up or how to get in the pool without anyone noticing if you know what i mean ...... i have faith x are you on cd / how was the 1st week
  5. rubysnanny

    rubysnanny Member

    Hi Dol and welcome!! They really are a great bunch on here aren't they! This is my 5th day on cd as i too had a dilemma last week i got all my foodpacks on the wednesday but we had a pre-arranged meal on the sunday after, so didn't know what to do ,but i got some great advice which was to go for the meal ,enjoy it and start fresh the next day ,that is what i did do rather than not being able to enjoy myself! .As for you especially being YOUR birthday enjoy yourself and remember in weeks/months to come you gave yourself the best present 'A new body' .Hope this helps a little and good luck!! and have a wonderful birthday!! Sarah xx:)
  6. dol7247

    dol7247 Full Member

    sorry have just seen you have lost a hell of a lot of weight well done . and by the way thanks for pointing me in the direction of cd this moorning , fingers crossed
  7. Gen

    Gen Normal

    I know exactly what ya mean girl!!

    i am on Cd and had from 9th April to end of July lost just 4lb short of 4 stone!! first week was hard ish but no harder than agonising over what to wear/looking for big clothes/not feeling normal etc etc if that makes any sense??

    once you get over the first couple of days and into ketosis the weight will just fall off ya and there will be no stopping ya. the first time is golden so make sure you are ready to give it 100% when you are starting cos it is hard enough to get the initial first time get up and go back again, but it is possible!!

    i just think its a miracle diet cos i have tried every other diet and have never stuck to any and cd has worked for me... i'm actually wearing fashionable clothes!!!

    keep in touch girl and you will get all the help you need on here!

    Gen xx
  8. dol7247

    dol7247 Full Member

    thank you so much , i will start after my birthday and hopefully next birthday i will be wearing what i want to wear to go out and not what fits thanks again
  9. Gen

    Gen Normal

    you sure will and believe me NOTHING tastes as nice as being able to shop in Awear/Next etc and not having just one of two shops to be able to shop in!! and it happens sooo quickly!

    i have a feeling Dol that this is your time!! by xmas you could be very near your target!!!

    just yell if you need any info or help at all!!

    Have a lovely weekend

    Gen xx
  10. Mini

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    Hi dol7247,

    Lovely to have you here with us and congratulations on your baby...Is this your first?

    I agree with the others, enjoy your birthday and you will be much happier doing the diet that you have done that and the one next year you will have your weight off and be maintaining well.:)

    You can join our Christmas Challenge at any time to give you a little incentive along the way...

    Looking forward to reading your posts.

    Love Mini xxx
  11. dol7247

    dol7247 Full Member

    Hi Mini
    Yes my first baby and an extra 4 stone with him.ha he is a little angel and i am very lucky to have him. I am on maternity leave and from being out at work from 7 til 7 to being at home it is very different and plays havoc with your diet ,,,, i did what everyone tells you not to and eat definately for 2, it was the only time in my life i eat what i wanted without feeling guilty or anyone pointing out i shouldnt be eating that ha but now i am paying the consequences but ffeeel i have the strength now......
  12. dol7247

    dol7247 Full Member

    it's good to know i can ask qquestions and find the help
  13. Gen

    Gen Normal

    Hiya Dol

    How are you getting on today??

    You looking forward to your birthday and getting started on this crazy diet!!!

    Gen xx
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