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Inspirational Music -any favourites?


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oddly I used to listen to Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls in the gym and it used to keep me going - I think it used to remind me why I was doing lol


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I'm also into "Let's Get it Started" by The Black Eyed Peas and "I am the Resurrection" by The Stone Roses. I have a strange eclectic mix in music I think!

Love Fat Bottomed Girls as a choice, but think it would make me go "ah well, may as well stay big"!



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oooh yep - Black Eyed Peas works

Pink - Get the Party Started is in there alongside that one

Fat Bottomed Girls was weird - it had a good beat for on the treadmill for one thing and in my case it made me battle against being one of them but I think that's just me lol

Sometimes Mica's big girls you are beautiful makes me feel better when I'm having a "fat" day but that one doesn't have the same motivation effect. I obviously just don't like the idea of being a fat bottomed girl and am desperate to avoid it whereas being told I'm beautiful as I am is far less motivating - I'm beginning to wonder if maybe I really am a freak after all hahahahahaha


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I love Pink! Good Call - I'm off to hit iTunes now :D

Have you heard the track Soulshine by Warren Hayes? I like that. Not really gym music though I guess. For some reason I also like "I'm still standing" by Elton John and "Break my Stride". See, I am the weirdo!


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ain't nothing gonna break my stride
ain't nothing gonna hold me doooooooowwwwwwnnnnnn


Gonna check out Warren Hayes now - iTunes will be thanking you later lol

Natasha Bedingfield - I'm a Bomb works as well

Hmmm - too much music on my ipod but this has got me motivated to go looking now - I'm even tempted to get my walking shoes on and get out in the sunshine just to listen to some. That's brightened up my morning already - thank you x


This is the last time!!
I was gonna say Pink too! I love Pink (so does my 6 year old son!) In fact, we're watching Pink's top 20 on MTV right now!
Lady Gaga's 'The Fame' is actually really good - I put off buying it for ages but I love it!
I also have a good cd in the car at the mo that has a mix of stuff including Black eyed peas (good night), Cheryl Cole (fight for this love) and all kinds of up to date music - It's a 'Now' cd or something - I can't remember but it is really good.

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