Instant ramen

I really love instant ramen, particularly the nissin brand. I know that the noodles are made with oil, but I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how many syns the flavour packets have as I am thinking about swapping the noodles that are included with ordinary dried noodles so I can still get my ramen fix without the 25-30 syns per pack.

The ingredients in the flavour pack contain mostly what I think are free foods, except sugars and some oil. In the seafood noodles there is: Flavour packet (7.7%) - salt, flavour enhancers (E621, E635), Flavourings (E631), pork meat powder, sugar, soy sauce powder, spices, mussel extract (3.6% in seasoning powder), glucose syrup, sesame seeds, pork extract, yeast extract, palm oil, rapeseed oil, anti caking agent (E551), leek, thickener (E415), milk protein, citric acid.

Is there any way to calculate this? The total weight of the packet is 100g, so the flavour packet would be 7.7g.