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  1. peachy1982

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    common sense, everything in moderation
    Dear all,
    How do you spend evenings and weekends without eating.
    What I mean is that if we go out then we go out to eat or drink. If I am not eating or drinking then what can I do to amuse myself.
    Let me know your secrets
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  3. wannabslim

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    I'm not dieting, I'm on the pregnancy diet!
    Hi Peachy,

    Thats a tough one, I really struggle to go out socially while SSing cos like you say its always for a meal or to go drinking. So I tend to avoid that type of situation entirely so as to avoid temptation...

    So, instead, I amuse myself with Minimins, have a hot shower, pamper myself, tidy up the house, do something practical to take my mind of it!

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  4. Hotbutiluvunot

    Hotbutiluvunot Member

    Cambridge Diet
    I'm starting the plan next week, and i'm worried about it too Peachy - i think i'm going to make the most of the light evenings and get OH to take me for walks (lol i sound like a dog) or maybe go swimming - anything that doesn't involve sitting in front of the telly until i'm a bit stronger. My brain seems to be programmed that tv means snack time, whether i'm hungry or not! x
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    CLUCKS Full Member

    ......... I'm worried too!

    Weekends and evenings are my downfall ESPECIALLY after a stressful day at work or with the kids!
    Weeks 1 and 2 are never bad during the weekday evenings as I always have nice relaxing baths & early nights with magazine. I'm always cold and tired at the beginning so its not such a problem!
    I'm dreading this weekend :( :( :( :( ......

    .... I like the idea of keeping it all action packed etc BUT & i'm sure I speak for many of us! With supermarkets open until all hours, food is even more accessible than ever :cry:
  6. Hotbutiluvunot

    Hotbutiluvunot Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Clucks i know what you mean - the other night i was home alone and ti was about 11pm, and i could hear the tubs of ben and jerrys calling me from tescos, so i went, i bought and i ate - and the scary thing is it could have been 4 in the morning and i could have done the same thing! x

    CLUCKS Full Member

    .its so easy to do!

    .... So have I! Its a dieters nightmare - well particulary bingers nightmare! Evenings and weekends are when we are at out most vunerable & the shops are open all night Fri til Sat night basically ten pm or middnight then again on Sunday!
    I'm upset bout it all!
    I need locking in on Friday as soon as I get in from ferrying the kids about.........

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
  8. DEvans

    DEvans Full Member

    Weekends are the hardest on any diet but on this diet it is particularly hard. Wannabeslim is right with her suggestions. I have been keping myself busy by tidying the house, getting out of the house for a little bit or played games on the minimins website :D . It takes up alot of time and your mind off food.

  9. Bluepaws

    Bluepaws Full Member

    Cambridge diet
    I also keep myself occupied on minimins and a small selection of other sites. If i'm not on the web, i'm on the rowing machine while watching t.v. or I'm tidying and on certain days doing my keep fit classes in the leisure centre. I am definately going to start going for walks around the block too.

    I find that as long as I'm keeping myself busy I don't think about food. It also helps me to have my sports bottle full of cold water always to hand ...If I suddenly feel like I could have a nibble on something:devilangel:, I drink a load of water and it fills me and seems to do the trick.
  10. Misdee

    Misdee Silver Member

    Unfortunatly at the moment i cant escape in the evnings to the pool/gym, but i do have some dolls to work on, which keep my hands very busy, especially as a couple need full heads of hair done :)
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