Interval Training


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I do. I do an hour step and do 2 minutes high intensity and then 2 minutes low intensity. I could only manage 5 minutes 2 weeks ago now I am doing an hour xx


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I'm doing the C25K which is effectivly Interval training, where you alternate betweek going all out and raising you heartrate and then bringing back down but still keeping moving.

I think it's meant to work well because when you go all out you only do it for a short burst say 1-2 min where as if you was to keep at it continuous you wouldnt be able to maintain such a high level so whist your at the top you burning more fat and if your heartrate is going back down you have to work harder to get it up again burning more fat. This is what I think anyways dont take it as a rule.

Good luck!

Malibu xx


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I do bursts of running with walking on the treadmill for interval training. And I also do Kettleworx every other day, which is quite like interval training in that it alternates between easier and harder exercises making my heart rate come up for one set and drop for the next...