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Introduction For A New Guy

Right, where to start. I'm 22, I live in the northeast, and after christmas I realised that it was about time I did something about my weight.

I'm a big build lad (not just weight, I'm reffering to doing a lot of weight lifting as well) but slowed down in the middle of last year and by christmas had reached my maximum weight of 21 stone 5.8 pounds. That was the moment I realised I needed to do something (drastically). So January I started watching what I eat. No alcohol, no chocolate, no crisps, no biscuits, no snackfood what-so-ever. Well, yesterday when I started lipotrim I weighed 19 stone 7.8 pounds. So almost 2 stone in a 2 months. The problem was not having a strict enough diet, some days I would eat a little, some days a lot (though all reasonably healthy). So I thought I would try something different.

I've tried meal replacements for a week before and always found it difficult to continue, BUT, at what these are costing me I know I'll stick to them!

I figured it might be best to post an introduction so I can keep people updated with my weigh-ins.

While doing these shakes I'll be running/fast walking for an hour a day, every other day doing weights, and combining situps and pushups into it.

Once I reach my goal (which is 14 stone) I'll post up before and after pictures. My actual goal is 15 stone, but I expect to put on at least 8 pounds as soon as the shakes stop due to water and glycogen storage, along with actual food being stored in my body for the first time in a long time!

So 14 stone, to aim for 15 stone! :D

Oh, btw, Im Mike!
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You sound in the right frame of mind, you'll do great bucko!
Good luck and keep us posted!
Yeah, I finally think that after so long out of the gym I'm back in the right frame of mind. It's hard work but hopefully these habits will continue once i finally reach my target! :D
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Hello Mike, I understand exactly where you're coming from.

I'll be looking to get back to the gym soon, so i'll be keeping an eye on what you're doing because you seem to have your head screwed on about this, and part of me is worried about losing muscle etc.

Good luck ...
Yeah, I was worried about loosing muscle too. Generally to maintain muscle mass we need approximately 1g of protein per lb of lein body mass. From what I can see the LT formulae only supplies approximately 80g. That doesn't mean that a large ammount of muscle will be lost while on the shakes (though a small percentage lost will be muscle) but means that recovery may take longer.

What I'll be doing is fast walking/slow jogging for an hour a day. And lighter rep's with weights. Once I've lost a couple of stone I'll be throwing in some sit-ups and trying the P90X ab ripper workout. (if you look on youtube for P90X ab ripper you'll see its pretty intense!)

Apart from that I'll carry on doing lighter weights than I'm used too, to keep some definition as I think it would be difficult, possibly impossible, to see any improvements on such a small ammount of protein per day.

When i was lifting weights a lot I would be taking in approximately 250g of protein and even then I wasn't really taking enough.

Just make sure if you do exercise that you keep hydrated! Lots of exercise will mean that you will probably need more water than they recomend on the "introduction video" as that is for a general day and not a workout.
S: 20st6lb C: 18st10lb G: 12st13lb BMI: 36.5 Loss: 1st10lb(8.39%)
Hahaha - just had a look at that workout on youtube. That is intense aye, and I reckon i'm a few stone away from being able to even keep myself from ending up like an upside down beetle.

It's definitely something to aspire to being able to do...
Stick in with the exercise and you'll get there. I started this year at 21 and a half stone, now i can go for runs no problem, even though I'm still carrying a lot of extra weight.

Hopefully the difference will show once i loose the weight, may finally see some sort of muscles rather than the keg that hangs in front of me! lol
Hello & Welcome Mike!

As you say, you're in the right frame of mind, and that is a MUST for anyone following Lipotrim. Good luck for your weightloss journey, and I look forward to hearing how you are getting on;)

Clair x

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