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Ireland- bia- a bit of craic!

Lol, I have 6 weeks til R4L and 1 minute jog is pushing it still did my training today even tho I could quite happily have not. Enjoying it tho. Was a bit off plan too last night, had a couple of drinks and a buffet instead pf dinner and managed to have weighed this morning lower than yesterday.
Maybe sometimes the metabolism needs a little kick!! I'm doing entertainment for a kids party tomorrow so I'm going to have to get all organised before I leave - make sure I take enough with me to keep me out of trouble and have dinner ready to cook when I get home so that I don't give in to the exhaustion and get a takeaway!!
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I'm taking the dogs to a dog park over an hour away today so I'm kinda in the same boat. Gonna go grab breakfast before I leave then make up a salad for lunch and take that with me. Hope it doesn't get too hot in my car tho, that'll be awkward :p should be home by 5 tho so plenty of time to sort dinner and if all else fails, I still have jacket spuds in the freezer :D
Good woman! Don't read into it or analyse it too much - it's all going in the right direction :)

I got up early this morning and smashed out day 2 of 30 day shred. Going well so far :)

Out for sushi tonight for dins but hopefully all on plan - here's to another good day!! xx
Good morning, I havent been around for a week now, last week was a nightmare and I'm sorry but I hadnt the heart to update my stats because star week arrived again on weigh in day and I was up 2Ibs. I put my heart and soul into this week eating lots of speed and was down only 1Ibs, to say I'm gutted is an understatement because I have an awful lot coming up in the next few weeks and it is going to be very difficult to even just maintain and at this stage I'm actually doubting myself whether I will make it to target. I have some really good friends who have been great at giving me some encouragement and support and without this I think I may have had a gain this week. I know it is a loss but to me it isnt really because last week really wasnt a gain due to star week and I still didn't lose all that last night.

I owe you all that because some of you have been truly fantastic and you know who you are and I want to thank you (Fiona and Laura you especially). I havent had a chance to catch up with all the posts but when I get a chance I will
Well done for putting that out there orla, it can't have been easy. Also for keeping at it when you are feeling so low. That's incredible. You have so much focus and you're so close to target, you can't give up now. X
Instead of looking at the scales from week to week, try considering your losses on a 4 week basis. That should eliminate the fluctuations from star week. If you still aren't happy and you know you deserved better, are there any other factors that might be affecting your metabolism? Things like medication, illness, soreness, stress, increase in exercise could all be to blame. I have come off the pill lately and I am finding it sooooo much easier to lose, even if I am eating worse.
Good luck hun, you can do it xxx
It wasn't easy Mrs_Taken but I felt that there is a lot of lovely people on here who are genuinely interested in knowing how I'm getting on, this can overwhelm me at times but often can cheer me up on not such a bright day

I actually did feel like throwing in towel last night but I said no there is over 2 years of hard work gone into losing this much weight that I'm not going to throw it all away in a matter of weeks. Only one thing that it could be is I'm doing 15 minutes on the trampoline nearly every day and the backs of my legs are fairly muscular so it could be just muscle but I shall keep going and hopefully target won't be too far away fingers crossed

Thanks hun
It's so disheartening when you don't get the result you deserve isn't it?? I know you have a good consultant Orla - we had a really good one covering our group, and her mantra was "trust in the plan" - it sounds really simple but I find it really motivating, just to remember that as long as we follow the rules, the weight will go. Maybe not this minute but definitely soon!!
Hi ladies
May I join in
I've been a on off member for 2 years now but the last year I haven't been following plan and am up 1.5 stone
Feel like I'm in limbo desperate to loose the weight but no motivation to do it!
Haven't bn to class in 3 weeks so am hoping to go back today with a fresh start! Fingers crossed for me
I've over 3stone to loose.
Hi all, really sorry I haven't been on for a while but this time I'm hoping to keep up to date with posting. Work has been really busy and have been very busy at home too so very little time to update

Last night was weigh in and after been to a confirmation on Monday in Cork and ate and drank all around me, I still managed to lose 1Ib (was down 1Ib last week too) and now back to the weight I was two weeks ago

Anyway, I have 9.5Ibs to go to target so now I'm in the single figures (again) and lets hope I will continue to go that way but very difficult as I have something on every weekend for the next 5 weeks (confirmation this Saturday but I think I can stay on plan as I will be at home for this)

Wedding in Listowel next Thursday, going to London with my friend and her three daughters the weekend after, lunch possibly in Dublin the weekend after and then the mini marathon the weekend after that. All I can do is take each week as it comes and hope for the best
I feel a good loss is on the cards next Tuesday so I'm determined to stay on plan this weekend completely and up my speed at least from 1/3 to 2/3 every day

Next week and the week after are the toughest for me and my consultant said to take each day at a time, she reckons one or even two days damage won't affect the scales once I'm good the other 5 days and that is all I'm going to do
Hello everyone, I am new to the site and I notice that everyone loves sausages. I have discovered fat free sausages, OK you pay a bit more but they are lovely. I get them from Whelan Butchers here in Ireland. I do get them delivered, the service is great. James Whelan the owner was on a Slimming World diet and hated the sausages out there and especially Quorn, so he went about developing a tasty fat free sausage. He also does fat free mince and meatballs. I love them all. All information on the web.
Hope this helps

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