Is anyone not on a diet but wants to be.


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I am not on any diet at the mo and dont think I can be motivated before christmas. I would like to lose weight, but, yes you have heard it all before, tried everything.

At the mo I seem to be maintaining by just eating healthy as much as possible, which isnt alway so as I am an emotional/compulsive eater.

When I was on LL I loved this site but now I am not following and specific diet dont know what thread to go on, as I miss Minimins so much everyone is so supportive.
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hi ladylite

I did the same on LL and didn't do RTM and gained half of my loss back:cry:. Then i joined sureslim which is a diet based on your bloods. Did well for 4 wks and lost the plot:sigh:. I am so ashamed of myself that I've wasted my money and time and so much effort:eek:.But each day I am trying very hard to stay on this sureslim diet. It is very hard at times as you are allowed 3 meals a day and 5 hrs gap between meals. so at the mo i am losing 1 week and gaining second week. The things got worse when their clinic closed i am doing all this on my own. BTW I am an emotional eater as well:wave_cry:.


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I am a member of weightwatchers but not sure would say i am on a diet a the moment (lol) have been struggling with motivation for ages now and weight fluctuating up and down. cant really see much changing between now and new year but havent yet had the courage to admit to myself that i've given up tho I think everyone around me can see it.

like you I am a comfort eater.I also eat when I'm happy, stressed, any excuse really, and coming up to christams is such a stressefull and busy time. And just to make it harder there are so many extra treats and temptations around.

Heres to a new both of us in january


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This site is here to give support to all ,be it about diet or life in general .Feel free to post on any forum your help and encouragement is what you can give and maybe the experience of others may just help get you motivated :eek:you will find lots of members are not on a diet at mo (me included ) but enjoy the support and friendship that is freely given to all comers on this site .:D


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I'm not dieting-dieting at the moment, just healthy eating and I post on here every day!
I'm a massive comfort/binge eater and my main target at the minute is to not binge and the support I'm getting my everyone who posts in my journal is amazing. In return I try to support people as much as they do me. Its a rewarding experience!



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I'm not following a plan at the moment - my Dr won't allow me to do CD at present because of the painkillers, etc I'm on. In the meantime, I am eating "consciously", not always making good choices but trying to ensure that I don't just eat for the sake of it.

Lost 2 lbs last week - no idea how - but not meant to be weighing again until January 1st. Would be nice to hook up with other "non-dieters" :D


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I'm not on a diet yet, but would like to be. THere's just so many to pick from! I dunno what would be best for me.
I can't afford weekly meetings so things like WW, SS and LL are out of the question. Although, I know my friend follows WW without actually going to the meetings.
I dunno what would be best really :(