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Is CD for me????

I have been considering CD for a few months now, the things stopping me are
1) i like me cup of tea to much...with milk
2) there isnt a councellor close enough to me, although i noticed someone on here covers worksop, i am in Retford Notts
3) i def wouldnt like the shakes, and only like tomato soup!!!!
Maybe could cope with shakes with the mouse additive.
So what do you think, i wasnt considering the soul source as i know i wont manage it, i am 5ft and currently weigh 10st 13, lost 6lb in last 3-4 weeks, but its so bloody hard, but i lost 2st last year and put most back on due to some family probs, but i need to lose it again, i had a tummy tuck and have to have some revisions in may, hence losing the 6lb, as i have to lose 7lb for that, when i lost the weight last year i went down to 91/2 but could do with being 8st 13lbish
Thanks in advance
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All I can tell you Michelle is that the diet works! The stuff tastes ok and you can always get 4 weeks worth from your counsellor if travelling is difficult.

If you really want to lose weight then the Cambridge is absolutely fab!

the shakes are lovely and the bars, and i thought i couldnt drink black tea and coffee but you get used to it after about 3 or 4 days,now i dont know if id like it with milk and i am only on my 3rd week.
hope this helps
I dont like milk, unless in tea, so i know i wont like milkshakes, basically i dont like anything with that consistency, dont like hot choc, hate any milkshakes, i do have a limited amount of foods i like, and they are all bad for me LOL, cakes being the worst, i have a sweet tooth, i have only ever tried the tom soup, bought a couple on ebay to try, i know i would like the bars, well most of them, as they are my thing, as for tea without milk, i tried it for a couple of weeks when i gave atkins a shot but couldnt get on with it, and i am not a big meat eater, so ended that diet/plan.
I defo would give it a go if i could get a localish counciller, and maybe buy 2 weeks worth at a time, i know a lady who did do it, but she travelled to see a counciller, i have 4 kids at home, so its hard for me to get.


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It might be worth seeing if you could get a counsellor to come out to you. My mum is a CDC in Newark and she had one lady in Mansfield that she had to go out to.
Hi Michelle

It may be worth giving Cambridge a ring as they can put you in touch with a local counsellor who may not be listing their details on the website. There may be someone closer than you think. You could then discuss your worries with him/her and see the best way forward. As Mike has said, this diet really does work and has to be worth a try in my opinion.

All the best, hope you find a solution


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Hi Michelle, im in worksop just up the road from you and my old counsellor was at Mansfield and my current 1 is in Barnsley. I think my old counsellor is still of on maternity leave but im sure someone took over from her in Mansfield. Good luck with your cd journey its a great diet. Sarahxx.
Thankyou Sarah, i am awaiting a Drs form from a lady in gainsborough, then i will pop and see how i get on with her, funny you should mention Barnsley, my inlaws lives near there, never thought, we go through usually once a fornight, i will see how i get on, the one from gains sounded very nice on the phone, she explained that the 2 meal/bar a day would give me a slower loss and needed me to be aware so i wasnt disheartened!!!!
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Hiya Michelle,

I would just like to say try not to form lots of preconceptions about the flavours- I had expected not to like a fair few of them and to especially like others, but I was surprised to find that in some cases the ones i thought I would like- i didnt like and vice versa! For example I love butterscotch angel delight so thought the butterscotch would be good with the mix-a-mousse, but i found it vile! Also i thought i would love the bars but they just dont taste right to me... everyone is different, and I challenge you to open your mind to trying all the flavours out- even if its only once!! You may be surprised :)


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